Mean Girls Book Vs Movies 2004 Vs 2024 Review

This Mean Girls book vs movies review offers a Broadway version of the Mean Girls story, which gained popularity and became a hit over the past years.

Through catchy songs, intricate choreography, and all the flamboyance it can muster, the film revitalizes the beloved and classic Mean Girl’s story.

Even though the majority of the material in the 2024 adaptation of Mean Girls is taken directly from the 2004 original, there are still several significant differences. 

While some of these adjustments benefit the musical remake and others benefit the original, they all serve to set the two essentially different but similar adaptations of Mean apart. 

Mean Girls Book Vs Movies: The Similarity

Real-life events are occasionally portrayed in movies. The director of the film Mean Girls does a good job of capturing the interactions between high school girls, though she occasionally embellishes the story to make it seem more engaging. 

A fantastic comparison of the 2004 and 2024 versions of the book and movie can be found below;

Mean Girl 2004 Movie

This is not the first film to adapt a self-help book into a story by employing the various situations and personality types that are discussed in the book. 

This came out when we were young teens, and we were immediately fond of it, so we have happy memories of it. In addition, October 3rd was Mean Girl’s Day, and people were constantly quoting it.

Seeing some of these actors, like Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, who have accomplished so much since, is cool. 

We firmly believe that this endures and highly suggest it. Although, to be honest, we don’t recall considering that when we watched it as teenagers; it has a good message.

Mean Girl 2024 Movie

The 2017 Broadway musical, which was adapted from the 2004 film, was made into a movie in 2024. 

We enjoyed this film and found it to be entertaining. We thought the choreographed scenes were cool and the musical performances were well done, with great voices all around. 

There are some new jokes mixed in with the many that we enjoyed from the 2004 film. There is a scene in which Tina Fey, reprising her role as the teacher, tells a guy to “keep it pg. 13” after he says something. 

Though some parts felt hurried to make time for the songs, the plot is largely unchanged from the original.

Themes from the Book that are in the Movie

Since this is not a straight adaptation, there won’t be a lot of comparing. Take the weekly dress code, for instance. A quotation from the book by an adolescent girl provided the precise code for the plastics. 

She also talks about girls going through a goth phase, and Janice, who has an emo/goth look, is one of them. A group of teenagers is compared to a group of animals in the book, and this is also shown in the film. 

The book also discusses the typical events that take place at teen parties, and some of these are depicted in the two parties that take place in the film. 

In addition, the book discusses how girls dehumanize themselves to attract men. This is demonstrated when Cady acts like a math whiz to attract Aaron’s attention.

Wiseman also discusses how she will conduct various activities with the girls and host seminars to help them realize how hurtful their interactions with one another can be. 

The book also discusses the different kinds of cliques and the various kinds of girls that belong to them. The banker, the pleaser, the wannabe, and the queen bees.

By the time the film ends, Cady claims to float, which implies she has made friends with everyone.

Every “Mean Girls” adaptation, from the first to the most recent, presents a different perspective on the struggles and victories of high school life.

Although the franchise has changed, the main idea is still applicable. For those of us who have gone through the highs and lows of high school, “Mean Girls” in all of its forms continues to be a relevant, enjoyable, and perceptive look into that environment.

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