10 Movies on Netflix 2024 to Watch This Week

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for movies on Netflix 2024 that appeal to audiences of all ages.

Finding enjoyable films to watch with children of all ages is not always simple. Films that are thought-provoking enough to provide some educational value but also captivating enough to hold their interest throughout. 

Both crucial components are present in this list of movies, albeit to varying degrees. Select what you want.

The Best Movies on Netflix 2024

The following list of the newest Netflix films that are worth seeing in 2024 includes everything from blockbusters to independent films, global releases, and everything in between.

1. The Greatest Night in Pop (2024)

A charity single called “We Are the World” was made to help with the famine in Africa. It was an enormous hit, inspiring many more charity singles and earning a TV documentary at the same time. 

However, The Greatest Night in Pop presents brand-new, home video-style behind-the-scenes material mixed with interviews with people who were present in the booth on that fateful day. 

While many have already discussed the anecdotes from that evening, director Bao Nguyen captures the spirit of the occasion and offers a glimpse into the feelings of the different characters who contributed to the song’s creation. 

2. Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees (2024)

Although stand-up comedians, particularly male stand-up, frequently make jokes about their dicks, Jacqueline Novak’s 90-minute show about the blow job feels entirely original. 

Get on Your Knees is like a lighthearted, informal narrative from a knowledgeable, yet detached, source (like your best friend’s older sister’s best friend), only with more humor. 

It’s similar to a gossip session about a first date, but instead of being breathless and dizzying, the stream of thought is laced with philosophical reflections and exposes the ridiculousness of language and prevailing views regarding sex. 

3. Orion and the Dark (2024)

We go to bed every day, but it wasn’t always easy for us when we were younger. Orion and the Dark explores this aspect of childhood with a new (adorable!) Sleepytime ensemble and family-friendly source material, but screenwriter Charlie Kaufman elevates it.

By having the title characters travel into actual midnight dreams, tell stories within stories, and return home with a poetic repetition.

It doesn’t just play with the archetypal childhood fear; it also carries some of his existential despair—after all, the overly imaginative Orion muses over the possibility of death through his many, many anxieties. 

4. You Are Not Alone: Fighting the Wolf Pack (2024)

Documenting this incident was imperative following the La Manada rape case in 2016, particularly in light of the national outcry and protests that led to a change in the country’s definition of consent in Spain. 

Fighting the Wolf Pack: You Are Not Alone chronicles this difficult journey. Even though it uses the well-known Netflix true crime format, the victim receives respect that hasn’t been previously shown by the media. 

The movie maintains the victim’s exact words verbatim, albeit with some editing for clarity. However, they made sure that the victims’ words were not accompanied by pictures or actors who looked similar, so they could remain true to themselves without endangering their safety. 

5. The Parades (2024)

For ghosts, most movies focus on the personal, unresolved issues that exist in the living world. However, unless it’s for fanciful battles or horrifying terror, very few movies explore what it would be like to live in the spirit world. Rather, The Parades centers on a world of ordinary, thankfully kind, lost souls.

Additionally, as the movie creates its serene setting, Minako gets to meet the individuals who would eventually make up her family, whose diverse lives reveal the private aspirations of common people who have been molded by the circumstances of their particular eras. 

Even though not all of their stories are resolved in the movie, The Parades honors life in all of its forms and the potent ways that community and storytelling support us through it.

6. Sixty Minutes (2024)

Even without massive operations or stakes that could end the world, Sixty Minutes is a successful action film. 

Even though the plot is well-known and a little unbelievable, the movie makes the most out of its idea thanks to brilliantly choreographed fight scenes that complement the stunning photography to highlight the MMA fighter who plays the lead role. 

Not a second is wasted, as Octa’s journey is effortlessly followed by neon-lit stopwatch faces and maps, with the action building each time he discovers the secret information withheld from him regarding the match he intends to skip. 

7. My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)

Whether we like it or not, we are unable to change where we are born, and how we become citizens, and occasionally, we must leave our home country to ensure our safety. 

In the fictional novel My Name is Loh Kiwan, a North Korean defector applies for refugee status in Belgium. While the government considers his application, he must endure a difficult life, which is changed when he meets a fellow Korean who may not be an immigrant but is just as lost as he is. 

My Name is Loh Kiwan is both a heartfelt romance and an empathetic survival drama that emphasizes the struggles of refugees, despite a few subplots that falter halfway through.

8. Damsel (2024)

Historically, the purpose of noble women marrying lords has been to fortify the already-existing alliances between the domains of their families. They are captives to the powerful family they married into, at worst, but at best they can mediate peace. 

Through a reversal of the fairytale, where marriage is not the ultimate goal but the beginning of the princess’ misfortunes, Damsel deftly portrays a twisted version of this relationship, putting Millie Bobby Brown in a fantastical survival stand-off with a dragon. 

Although the movie largely stays in PG-13 territory, despite its intriguing premise, it is still a fairly entertaining dark fantasy film that avoids going too far in its horrors.

9. Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda (2024)

Netflix only really gave her and these other queer comedians this special, as host Hannah Gadsby explains at the opening of this stand-up showcase after Gadsby sent a strongly worded message to the streaming service first. 

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda doesn’t go too deeply into trans rights or completely rekindle the conversation about the subject, it feels more like a calculated move than an earnest one. 

But over its 75 minutes, seven comics with wildly different personalities and viewpoints manage to make us laugh almost every time.

10. Players (2024)

There’s plenty in Players for lovers of romantic comedies, both ironically and thoroughly. It’s formulaic and predictable, sure, and occasionally it even makes fun of itself by parading a bunch of clichés from rom-com. 

But that’s the fun part of watching genre films for some people. The key is familiarity; if all we were doing was checking boxes, then players would win hands down. 

Unfortunately, especially in this day and age when so many other innovative rom-coms are hitting theaters, that’s not all it takes to stand out. 

Among many interesting movies on Netflix, we have selected the best movies to give you a good time throughout the week.

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