5 Best Adventure Movies on Netflix This Week (New List)

In the past, Netflix has produced some of the best adventure movies on Netflix ever, and it has even obtained the rights to some of the greatest. 

Viewers are searching for the best movies to watch to escape the long winter months since they have recently found themselves stranded on the couch. 

It’s not always simple to find the ideal adventure film; some viewers require a solid recommendation. So settle in, get a snack, and watch the top ten adventure films available on Netflix.

The Best Adventure Movies on Netflix Today

There is something for everyone on your couch to enjoy from this list of the top action movies available to stream right now on Netflix.

1. Taith Galed: A Hard Journey

It is an excellent movie. The entire 22-minute movie is available for free viewing on YouTube.

It depicts Will Renwick’s attempt to scale all 189 of Wales’ mountains in a single, solo, self-supported run while carrying all of his camping gear on his back.

This movie is perfect for you if you enjoy stories about people who defy the odds.

2. 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

Similar to Free Solo, this climbing documentary has successfully made its way to the general public. 

It follows Nims Purja, a Nepalese climber known as the “Usain Bolt of 8,000-meter peaks,” as he makes an effort to break the record for the fastest ascent of all 14 of the world’s highest peaks.

Besides chronicling this amazing journey, the movie highlights the mistreatment of Sherpa climbers in Nepal during the past few years of mountaineering. 

3. Our Planet

Before, the only way to hear David Attenborough’s calming tones was to watch the BBC’s Planet Earth series, which was sadly only accessible for free online to UK residents via BBC iPlayer.

The entire world can now listen to Attenborough thanks to the brand-new eight-part series Our Planet, an eight-part nature documentary that explores some of the last remaining wilderness areas on Earth and the animals that call them home.

After being widely praised by critics upon its debut, it has been nominated for an astounding ten Emmy awards.

4. Lorena, Light-Footed Woman

This is an amazing documentary about Lorena Ramírez, a young Rarámuri woman who runs long distances and is part of the indigenous American community in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

The Rarámuri are renowned for their long-distance running prowess, which Lorena happens to possess in spades.

The film, which was directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo, chronicles Lorena’s everyday activities in the Sierra Tarahumara mountain range, her almost instinctive training regimen, and the ultramarathons she competes in all over the world. 

5. Against The Ice

The true story of Denmark’s 1909 polar expedition to find records left behind by an earlier, failed expedition in Greenland serves as the basis for the film “Against the Ice.” 

The stakes are quite high because these records will essentially establish who has more claim to this area of the Arctic: America or Denmark.

To put it briefly, the movie is about two men, a bear that looks angry, and many, many months of fighting the potentially fatal Arctic elements. 

Go through our carefully curated list of the top adventure films available on Netflix for 2024; we assure you that they are well worth seeing.

As a lover of adventure movies, you can always refer to the above list of movies to choose which one you will love to stream on Netflix.

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