Full Cast of the Greatest Showman

Are you curious to know more about The Greatest Showman and the full cast that participated in the movie? Do you want to know the main characters and the role they played in The Greatest Showman? Keep reading to know the full cast of The Greatest Showman and the various questions that surround the movie.

The movie “The Greatest Showman,” released in 2017, amazed audiences with its fascinating tale and memorable songs.

Directed by Michael Gracey, it tells the life story of P.T. Barnum, the famed showman behind Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The film features a talented ensemble cast, bringing to life the inspiring journey of a man with ambitious dreams. Here, we will introduce the entire cast of this exceptional movie and address common questions about its creation.

Full Cast of the Greatest Showman

Here are all the full cast and their role in the movie, The Greatest Showman:

1. Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum

Hugh Jackman who played the role of  P.T. Barnum is known for his versatile acting skills in the movie.

Also, Jackman portrayed the charismatic and ambitious showman with finesse. Furthermore, his powerful incredible stage presence and voice added depth to the character.

2. Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle

Zac Efron wonderfully acted the role of Barnum’s business partner and romantic interest for Anne Wheeler.

In addition, his portrayal showcased his unique dance skills and chemistry with the rest of the cast in the movie.

3. Michelle Williams as Charity Barnum

Michelle Williams in the movie was depicted as P.T. Barnum’s devoted wife, who stood firm by his side through thick and thin.

In addition, her wonderful performance brought warmth and heart to the movie.

4. Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind

Rebecca Ferguson in The Greatest Showman played the enigmatic Swedish opera singer who captivated Barnum’s attention.

Also, Jenny Lind remarkable vocal talents mesmerized audiences which got everybody’s attention.

5. Zendaya as Anne Wheeler

Zendaya who is also known as Anne Wheeler in the movie portrayed the acrobat and trapeze artist who falls in love with Phillip Carlyle.

In addition, Anne Wheeler’s performance showcased her incredible agility and versatility as an actress.

6. Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz, the Bearded Lady

Keala Settle’s powerful rendition of “This Is Me” became one of the most memorable and remarkable moments in the film.

Interestingly, Lettie Lutz played the role of a woman facing prejudice due to her appearance, and was powerful and inspiring.

7. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as W.D. Wheeler

Abdul-Mateen II acted as Anne Wheeler’s protective brother and his fellow circus performer.

In addition, his character added depth to the movie’s portrayal of the challenges faced by people of color during that period.

8. Sam Humphrey as Charles Stratton

Sam Humphrey acted the role of a little person who became a very prominent member of Barnum’s circus.

Also, Sam Humphrey showcased his talent as an actor and singer.

9. Austyn Johnson and Cameron Seely as Caroline and Helen Barnum 

Austyn Johnson and Cameron Seely are young actresses who played the roles of Barnum’s daughters.

Also, these young ladies added a touch of innocence and family dynamics to the film.

10. Fredric Lehne as Mr. Hallett 

Fredric Lehne played the skeptical and judgmental critic who doubted Barnum’s showmanship.

In addition, Fredric Lehne’s character added tension to the story.

11. Ellis Rubin as Young P.T. Barnum

Ellis Rubin played the younger version of P.T. Barnum. Also, Ellis Rubin showcases the early struggles and dreams of the iconic showman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Actors Sing Their Own Songs in the Movie?

Yes, the actors in The Greatest Showman showed off their singing skills. They sang their own songs, making their performances authentic.

How Was the Choreography in the Film?

Ashley Wallen carefully planned and arranged the dance moves, resulting in visually stunning and lively performances in the film.

Is the Greatest Showman Based on a True Story?

Yes, the movie is somewhat inspired by P.T. Barnum’s life, who started the Barnum & Bailey Circus. But, to make the story more dramatic, some parts and characters were changed or made up.

What Impact Did the Greatest Showman Have on Audiences?

The movie encouraged many people to accept and chase their special abilities and dreams. Its strong message of accepting oneself and staying strong struck a chord with people all over the world.

How Accurate is the Film’s Portrayal of P.t. Barnum’s Life?

The Greatest Showman changes some parts of Barnum’s life story to make it more creative. It emphasizes the spirit of his circus and the ideas of welcoming everyone and accepting them.

Did the Real P.T. Barnum Have a Bearded Lady in His Circus?

Yes, in P.T. Barnum’s shows, he showcased women with beards, like the well-known Bearded Lady, Annie Jones.

Will There Be a Sequel to The Greatest Showman?

There’s been talk about a possible sequel, but nothing official has been confirmed yet. It’s best to check the latest updates from official sources or entertainment news for the most current information on a possible sequel to “The Greatest Showman.”

Was the Film Successful at the Box Office?

Yes, The Greatest Showman made a lot of money, earning more than $435 million all around the world.

 Did the Film Receive Any Awards?

The Greatest Showman got many awards. It won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for “This Is Me” and was also nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Did the Cast Undergo Training for Their Roles?

Yes, the actors worked really hard to get ready for their roles. They practiced singing, dancing, and some even learned circus skills.

How Long Did It Take to Film the Greatest Showman?

The Greatest Showman lasted about two and a half months. There was lots of practice and careful planning before they started filming.

What Was the Inspiration Behind the Song “This Is Me”?

“This Is Me” was created to be a powerful song about accepting and empowering oneself. People all over the world connected with it and saw it as a symbol of embracing their own special qualities.

Who Composed the Music for the Greatest Showman?

The movie’s music was made by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who are famous for their work on the successful Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen. The songs were highly praised by critics and received many awards.

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