10 Good Movies on Netflix 2024 This Week

With the release of good movies on Netflix 2024 that have dominated industry awards shows like the Oscars and Golden Globes, Netflix has established a strong reputation in the film industry. 

The streaming behemoth garnered eighteen nominations for the Academy Awards this year. So, out of all the movies available, which one should you choose for movie night? 

We’ve compiled a list of the top Netflix films to assist you in choosing what to stream next at home.

Interesting Good Movies on Netflix 2024

Below are some of the best good movies on Netflix for the year 2024 to stream now and enjoy.

1. Spaceman

After spending six months on a solitary mission to explore an unusual interstellar cloud located beyond Jupiter, cosmonaut Jakub Procházka may be experiencing mild stir crazy symptoms.

Lacking anyone else to converse with, Jakub and his strange new traveling companion start thinking back on Jakub’s Earthly life, including his broken marriage to Lenka (Carey Mulligan), whom he left behind for his current trip.

Spaceman is definitely an odd movie and will be far too serious for some people, but it works well as a study of isolation and loneliness, even in relationships, examining those themes through an odd science fiction perspective.

2. Whiplash

Miles Teller’s character, Andrew Neiman, is a young jazz drummer who is eager to emulate the genre’s legends.

Andrew believes he has found his break when he gets the attention of Terence Fletcher (J. K. Simmons), the tough conductor of the studio band at his university, and he devotes himself to Fletcher’s demanding rehearsal schedule.

However, Andrew immerses himself more and more in the sessions, neglecting his family and relationships, potentially leading to his death, even as Fletcher physically and mentally abuses and torments his students.

3. Mank

A meticulous analysis of a masterwork of film, or two hours and eleven minutes of Gary Oldman dozing off in bed? Mank is both.

Following the release of Roma, David Fincher had his chance at a prestige, black-and-white Netflix film with this examination of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz—better known as the man who co-wrote Citizen Kane with Orson Welles.

Or, more precisely, for Orson Welles, as the movie shows. Fincher’s interest lies not only in the witty banter and classic Hollywood language but also in fake news, movie moguls, the women who support the men, and creative credit.

4. The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth was such a hit in its home country of China that it brought in over $700 million at the box office. As a result, Netflix purchased the streaming rights for the science fiction phenomenon worldwide.

The movie centers on a crew of astronauts trying to steer Earth away from the Sun, which is turning into a red giant, at some point in the distant future.

The issue? Jupiter is another obstruction. The 10,000 fire-blowing engines strapped to Earth’s surface are in charge of the planet, but the humans who remain must figure out how to survive its constantly shifting environment.

5. Maboroshi

Masamune leads a typical adolescent life in his small rural Japanese town until the mysterious eruption of the local steel works envelops the entire town in a time bubble that defies explanation and renders people immortal.

A culture of fearing change develops as the small town struggles to adjust. It starts with the assumption that people would have to reintegrate into society as they had left it, and eventually it outlaws even forming new relationships.

But the strange reality they all live in starts to fall apart when Masamune’s strange classmate Mutsumi draws him to the doomed factory and shows him a wild little girl who shouldn’t be there.

6. Orion and the Dark

Orion, who is young, fears everything, but darkness most of all. It would be unfortunate, indeed, if the very embodiment of evil appeared one evening.

This endearing DreamWorks animated film is a delight, even though a slight shift in tone could have made it a horror story. Dark takes Orion on a journey to prove that the night is nothing to be afraid of.

This examination of childhood fears and how to overcome them, with vibes reminiscent of Inside Out, is a terrific family feature.

7. The Willoughbys

After years of marriage, Walter and Helga Willoughby still show a great deal of passion and affection for one another. Regretfully, they have less affection for their four kids: Tim, Jane, the twins Barnaby A and B, and themselves.

The Willoughby children have finally had enough of being mistreated for years, and they devise a plan to use any means necessary to get rid of their mean parents and find a family who genuinely cares about them.

The Willoughbys tonally combines elements of Roald Dahl, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Addams Family to create a delightfully dark animated fable that is both mischievous and free of the cheesy clichés.

8. Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe, written and starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, is the story of two childhood best friends whose lives drastically diverge following a heartbroken teenage reunion.

Wong portrays Sasha Tran, a celebrity chef whose enormously successful career hardly hides the cracks in her failing marriage. Park, on the other hand, plays Marcus Kim, a man whose aspirations have only allowed him to work at his father’s air conditioning company and the neighborhood dive bar.

A strange cameo from Keanu Reeves and fate work together to reunite the leads in this intelligent and funny romantic comedy.

9. Leave the World Behind

After an unexplained blackout, Amanda, Clay, and their children, Archie and Rose, are spending a weekend at a luxurious vacation rental property when things take a dark turn.

Suspicion grows when George, the owner of the property, and his daughter Ruth, arrive early. However, a growing herd of deer that lurks outside the property, broken-down cars, and sporadic reports of attacks across the nation force the two families to depend on one another.

This star-studded movie, which is based on Rumaan Alam’s novel of the same name, enjoys leaving viewers as perplexed as its characters do. It provides minimal explanations and leaves you with unanswered questions for days.

10. Good Grief

This heartfelt drama, written and directed by Dan Levy, examines how difficult it is to move past tragedy. 

It only gets worse when it’s discovered that Oliver was secretly renting an apartment there. Marc’s husband Oliver passes away, and he is unable to grieve after learning of an affair. Both of them are dealing with existential relationship issues. 

A lot warmer and more life-affirming than viewers might anticipate going in, Good Grief proves to be an empathetic exploration of the complexities of bereavement, even though the somber subject will be tonal whiplash for anyone drawn to this by Levy’s performance in Schitt’s Creek.

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