5 Scariest Movies on Netflix to Watch This Week

Any time of year is a good time to enjoy a few bumps at night. Fans of the scariest movies on Netflix and television shows like us usually yearn for the thrill of a good scare throughout the entire year. 

There’s no shortage of terrifying content, ranging from existential horrors to gore fests and eerie encounters.

While horror films are always in style, they have turned into one of Hollywood’s most consistent cash cows in recent years, lighting up the box office and providing fans at home with an endless supply of spine-tingling scares. 

It is full of rich customs that can be completely subverted, revived, or reinvented. Horror acolytes possess an incredible ability to frighten large audiences, making them among the best directors working today. 

Five Scariest Movies on Netflix for You

Making a decision can be more difficult than watching “Haunting of Hill House” again, with or without its adored “Bly Manor” chaser if you’re searching for a good horror film on Netflix that will genuinely frighten you.

We’ve put together a list of some of the scariest horror films that are currently streaming on Netflix, updated regularly to make your job of choosing a movie a little bit easier.

1. Apostle

Thomas Richardson finds much darker activities underway when he travels to a secluded island off the coast of Wales to free his sister, who has been abducted. 

Apostle by Gareth Evans ought to be the next film you watch if you enjoyed the cult antics of films like Midsommar and The Wicker Man. 

Apostle, which stars Dan Stevens from Beauty and the Beast and Lucy Boynton from Bohemian Rhapsody, features some of the most eerie violence along with a variety of just plain awful vibes that are presented in a stunning yet chaotic way.

2. Cam

Cam tells the tale of successful camgirl Alice “Lola_Lola” Ackerman, who finds out that a malevolent doppelgänger has taken over her web account. The story is based on a novel by Isa Mazzei.

Here’s where we will be open and honest: It penetrated our skin on several levels. Motivated by her encounters as a camgirl, Mazzei creates a depressing image of a society concealed from view. 

Cam should be on every horror fan’s radar because he is incredibly eerie, expertly filmed, and has a compelling story.

3. Crimson Peak

In this tale set in Edwardian England, Mia Wasikowska plays Edith, who marries the alluring Tom Hiddleston as Sir Thomas Sharpe and is carried away to his gothic mansion. 

Living with the newlyweds is Lady Lucille (Jessica Chastain), the sister of Thomas and guardian of the family’s secrets. 

Away from her familiar surroundings, Edith, still naive, starts to see ghosts emerging from the woodwork as she attempts to solve the mystery of the family she has been married into.

4. Fear Street Trilogy

Do you enjoy watching scary movies? Does the idea of a menacing lunatic brandishing a knife seem like it would liven up your Friday night? If so, you should read the Fear Street trilogy. 

The series, which includes three stories set in distinct eras (1994, 1978, and 1666), continues the horror classics of Scream, Friday the 13th, and The Witch. 

One of the best on-screen kills ever is also featured in it. (Read Part 1 to find out which one.) There’s no need to wait years for sequels because all three are available for streaming. 

For those who are interested in horror, here’s an additional piece of trivia: R.L. Stine, the author of Goosebumps, is the inspiration behind the Fear Street series of novels, which you can read about and enjoy while you watch.

5. Gerald’s Game

Mike Flanagan accomplished an almost unthinkable feat just a year before beginning work on The Haunting of Hill House: he brought Stephen King’s novel Gerald’s Game to the big screen.

One of the scariest tellings of a story that was previously believed to be unfilmable was provided by Flanagan. 

Gerald’s Game, driven to new heights by the one-woman show Carla Gugino (Spy Kids), demonstrates that extraordinarily intricate tales can be transformed into eerie horror masterpieces with sufficient skill and dedication.

We offer a variety of genres to suit your tastes, including classic ghost stories, thought-provoking social thrillers, and unrestrained adrenaline rushes.

Finally, going through the above list of movies, you would want to watch them one after the other to confirm whether they are that scary. For sure they are!

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