The Top 10 Movies on Netflix This Week

The greatest movies available on Netflix are a major factor in the streaming ability to continue ruling the competitive industry for so long.

The service provides users with an unmatched selection of titles, including both licensed blockbuster movies and original programming.

We have recommendations for the best Netflix movies, whether you’re looking for a family film that everyone will enjoy, a science fiction film that will challenge you, or a comedy that will simply make you laugh so hard that your face hurts.

Netflix subscriptions include some of the best movies ever made, spanning decades and almost every imaginable genre.

Top 10 Movies on Netflix Right Now

Regardless of how you decide to start the month of March, make sure to add these titles to your queue as soon as possible. What’s leaving Netflix in the US this month is highlighted in the list below.

1. Leave The World Behind (2023)

Leave the World Behind is another excellent example of Julia Roberts’ ability to tackle dramatic, dark material with the same ease as she does with feel-good romantic comedies, as demonstrated by her roles in Gaslight and Homecoming. 

She plays Amanda Sandford in the movie, a mother and wife who decides to take her family on an impromptu trip to Long Island. 

But when none of their electronic equipment functions and a father and daughter arrive at the vacation home claiming to be its residents, things go wrong.

2. The Power of the Dog (2021)

The 2020s have witnessed a change in culture as people question both old and new values, especially in art, and Western movies are no different. 

The Power of the Dog, from celebrated director Jane Campion, is the quintessential revisionist Western. 

Based on Thomas Savage’s 1967 novel of the same name, Benedict Cumberbatch plays charming but cruel rancher Phil Burbank, who uses toxic masculinity to torment people around him and repress his true desires.

3. All Quiet On The Western Front (2022)

Netflix’s 2022 adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s beloved novel All Quiet on the Western Front, which was rightfully nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, is a powerful, sobering look at the realities of war. 

It is the first adaptation to be told in the original German, telling the story of World War I from the German perspective, which is usually not the side of the trenches that the light of the cinema shines on.

Despite being a significant film that depicts the terrifying experience of young soldiers thrust into combat, it is also incredibly entertaining because of its powerful performances from the lead cast.

4. Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story, which is a superb showcase for the directing craft and satisfies all of Noah Baumbach’s signatures, is, in a close race, the best Noah Baumbach film. 

Beyond those accolades, which are less significant to Netflix subscribers than the straightforward issue of quality, Marriage Story is an amazing film that is unquestionably among the best available on the service.

The gripping tale of a couple whose first amicable separation turns into a bitter divorce is told in the incredibly compelling film Marriage Story, which stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in matching career-best performances. 

5. May December (2023)

Two of the most renowned actors working today, Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, co-star in Todd Haynes’ May December film. 

The film, which is loosely based on the Mary Kay Letourneau scandal, stars Elizabeth Berry (Portman) as the contentious public figure Gracie Atherton-Yoo (Moore), who was discovered having sex with her son Joe Yoo, a 13-year-old student, years ago. 

After Gracie and Joe (Charles Melton) tie the knot 23 years later, Elizabeth goes to Georgia to meet them and get ready for her part.

6. Whiplash (2014)

Whiplash is the film that brought Damien Chazelle’s extraordinary talent to the attention of both Hollywood and filmgoers. 

Miles Teller plays Andrew Neiman, a driven jazz drummer enrolled in the first year of the esteemed Shaffer Conservatory in New York. 

Andrew is frantically trying to win over his cruel teacher Terence Fletcher (J. K. Simmons), who defends his harsh methods as essential to inspiring his pupils to create amazing works of art.

7. Step Brothers (2008)

There aren’t many comedic pairings that have produced as many belly-laugh-inducing scenes as Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, and for a lot of fans, Step Brothers (2008) is the pinnacle of their joint filmography. 

The idea is straightforward: 40-year-old Dale Doback (Reilly) and 39-year-old Brennan Huff (Ferrell) move in together after their parents get married. 

But the funny thing about the film is that Brennan and Dale aren’t your average middle-aged men. Both of them are fully grown man-children who engage in the same kinds of mischievous activities as their younger step-siblings.

8. Lift (2024)

Lift, a heist comedy, was a big hit when it debuted on Netflix in January 2024. The film was originally scheduled to release in August 2023, but the then-current SAG-AFTRA strike in 2023 caused it to be postponed. 

The film is a strong addition to the perennially well-liked subgenre of comedies that center on professional criminals; it neither attempts nor attempts to reinvent the wheel. 

Lift follows Kevin Hart’s character Cyrus, a seasoned thief, and his crew as they get entangled in a series of crazy events that begin when they abduct an NFT artist. 

9. Blockers (2018)

From Animal House and Porky’s to even American Pie, sex comedies have come a long way. Blockers from 2018 is a huge advancement that brings sex positivity to the subgenre. 

Ike Barinholtz, John Cena, and Leslie Mann play three parents whose daughters are best friends in the movie. 

The parents embark on a crazy journey to stop the girls after learning that they have made a deal to lose their virginities on prom night.

10. Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Eddie Murphy withdrew from the public eye for the most of the 2010s, but he returned with a bang in Dolemite Is My Name. 

Murphy plays Rudy Ray Moore in the Netflix comedy biopic. Moore is a performer who takes on the character of Dolemite, a foul-mouthed showman dressed like a stereotypical pimp. 

Moore is informed that he doesn’t have the toned body type required by the industry as he attempts to break into the blaxploitation film business as Dolemite.

Unfazed, Moore assembles a group of friends and oddballs to assist him in his endeavor to produce and star in his own film.

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