20 Best Action Movies on Netflix This Week! (Frequently Updated)

Netflix’s 2024 catalog features an array of the best action movies on Netflix that took up a large budget to acquire, but, it also means that it might take a while to find a piece worth watching.

When you’re on a weeknight just randomly boding, it’s hard to tell the best action movie on Netflix on the streamer. Even in some instances, you might not tell.

Even in case the quest seems fruitful and you’ve decided that you will start watching action movies— which is the hardest point, the platform brings so many titles, it might be difficult to figure out which one of the best to start with.

The Best Action Movies on Netflix Collection

Here are the best action movies of 2024 so far. 

1. The Gray Man

The production team of The Gray Man, and The Russo brothers, who were previously associated with superheroes, have swapped their favorite genre with spy thriller now.

A CIA officer who disappeared for several years determines he, nonetheless, has to undertake one final mission to discover the count of the Vice Department head in the cynical CIA, who has hired a professional killer to hunt him.

As a remedy for the invasion of Gosling’s anti-heroic and lonesome, Sierra Six, Evans’young, crazy, and most of the time wrong man in the name of Lloyd Hansen begins a global carnage.

2. RRR

Indian cinema’s masterpiece is RRR. The Telugu film is set in the 1920s and follows two revolutionaries as they violently oppose the British Raj.

Perhaps the movie’s length is 3 hours, but it takes up not a spare minute, from motorcycle chases and flaming bow and arrow fights to soldiers fighting with injured tigers next to them.

For the start, is there anything more that you could desire, having in mind that what you see here couldn’t interest you? Next, please note that it is not to be taken seriously either—two musical numbers, a delightful bromance, and a tender romance are also in the mix.

3. The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall, which Netflix strategically named a “new-school western,” actually does use the elements of typical westerns but, blending them in such a way, that it results in something new and thrillingly engaging.

A black-populated village becomes a rainbow, while a town completely populated by whites only has stores that are built of wooden planks of a light shade of all wood, and the streets sparkle as if they were pristine and covered by small snowflakes.

In particular, James Samuel the director, is a player of image. His zest for visually impressive set scenes as well as close-ups, his remarkable actors can easily bring it to life and bear it.

4. Lou

Lou casts Allison Janney, Logan Marshall-Green, and Jurnee Smollett will unquestionably engage the lovers of the genre. Lou has been even mentioned as the European mix of Taken and John Wick.

The film, which is helmed by Anna Foerster of Westworld, has a straightforward plot: Through her character, Janney delights the audience while playing the woman with the past who unites with the mysterious villager to rescue her abducted daughter.

Alongside pushing their minds and bodies to the limits, the experience is attended by most unforeseen aspects of their respective lives, they are all apt to learn something from themselves.

5. Red Notice

While a fizzy drink is used 10 minutes into the journey in one of the world’s most traveled movies, Red Notice on Netflix, to demonstrate a valuable artifact as misleading, the movie fails to justify the choice of drink.

Rawson Marshall Thurber’s new writing and directing piece is a ‘heist but simultaneously sassy’ flick starring an A-list crowd that can be enjoyed without a chaser.

Harold Reynolds is a freelance thief named Nolan Booth, who is being relentlessly pursued by Johnson’s assistant, an FBI Profiler agent. He is John Hartley.

6. Army of Thieves

Or rather, the roles are reversed in Army of Thieves, a zombie heist movie set six years early to the previous film: Army of the Dead, where Matthias Schweighöfer’s nervous character, Ludwig Dieter, takes the spotlight.

In the early days of the zombie attack, Ludwig was just about to open his heist club when he got recruited by a most mysterious woman, who roped him into a dangerous heist plan with an odd group of wannabe crooks.

With this Army of the Dead movie, there is something for the fan of the army of the dead It is a combination of comical scenes and action sequences with a bit of Fast & furious thrown in.

7. Kate

In the new film Kate on Netflix, Mary Elizabeth Winstead threatens to be joined in competitiveness with John Wick regarding braveness.

Secretly, she’s devastated. The nearest place she finds herself is in an extravagant villa, where she is accompanied by Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones) and Woody Harrelson as she finds out that she was poisoned and has just 24 hours left to live.

Then she decides to track down the room till her final days in the chaos of an exploratory journey, with Miku Martineau, a daughter of a previous target as her friend.

8. Army of the Dead

The zombie movie ‘Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead’ tells the story of a group of mercenaries who are set to storm a zombie full of Las Vegas, to reach a nearly impenetrable vault take a profit is stunning.

The problem is that the men will meet some highly powerful zombies, which are stronger and quicker than any they have ever met, and to that, they will have to add the fact that Vegas has given the order to blow the city in just some hours.

Cast members of this flick, namely, Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Matthias Schweighöfer, Omari Hardwick, Tig Notaro, and Ana de la Reguera.

9. The Old Guard

The well-known graphic novel, with the same-named movie, which stars Charlize Theron as a modern-day action hero set in a journey with fight scenes, fantasy lore, and a lot of action added, is a huge hit among its viewers.

The Old Guard is a team of heroes of whom Andy (played by Theron) is the leader and is with them now and forever. They are the force of doing good.

They have proved mostly capable of doing their covert operations in history, keeping a low profile, and living out their plan, but quickly with advancing technology, they may be short-coming in their goals.

10. The Lovebirds

A quick-witted, hilarious buddy comedy that takes place in one evening. Nope, we’re not talking about your typical male-fronted 1980s photos. 

The Lovebirds takes that idea and blends it with the ruins of a romantic fairy tale. It begins with Jibran and Leilani, a couple, en route to a party that they never make it to because they argue in the car and decide to call it quits. 

It’s tense, not very enjoyable, and has a somber vibe to it all. Up until Jibran inadvertently strikes a cyclist who declines their assistance. 

11. Wheelman

He’s the guy from The Purge movies, or you may know him as MCU’s Crossbones. In this scene, Frank Grillo plays a getaway driver who, after a heist goes awry, finds himself in an unfortunate situation. 

It’s up to him to figure out what happened, even though he doesn’t know who to trust, with a car full of cash and no idea who framed him. 

With melodramatic moments, it’s been described as both a thriller and a neo-noir, and you can fairly call it all of those things. By the time the credits roll, it’s clear that this is an action movie that goes all in.

12. The Siege of Jadotville

The experiences of the 157-man Irish Army during their 1961 UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo served as the model for the Siege of Jadotville. 

Although it’s difficult to believe Jamie Dornan, the actor from Fifty Shades, can deliver on the dramatic action front, he excels in this Netflix Original role as Commandant Pat Quinlan. 

With a seemingly ingrained sense of fatigue, he leads his 150 men into battle and sets them on a mission that will change their lives: holding a fort against 3,000 Congolese soldiers.

13. The Night Comes For Us

Would you like to witness something that will make your soul tremble? Try this out. It is a furious action movie that hardly ever lets up. 

Simple storytelling serves as an anchor and allows the action to run wild, exactly what you want when a big-name actor like Iko Uwais from The Raid is in the lead role. 

Here, he portrays Ito, a triad thug who, upon spotting a young girl in the village they are currently killing, abruptly betrays his fellow enforcers. It must go to any lengths to keep the child safe, even if it means risking the lives of his allies in the process. 

14. Da 5 Bloods

Although it’s not a classic action film, it has enough action set against the backdrop of war to be included on this list. The film Da 5 Bloods, directed by Spike Lee, narrates the tale of four US veterans who go back to Vietnam to find and bring their squad leader’s body home.

In addition, a small piece of gold bullion that was buried during the war was discovered; it was supposed to be used as payment to the locals for their assistance against the Viet Cong, but our heroes stole it when it crashed with a CIA plane. 

This is ranked as one of the greatest action movies on Netflix right now because it’s a visually stunning and oftentimes intense film.

15. The Wandering Earth

It appears as though the screenwriter of the Chinese box office hit The Wandering Earth mainlined every Hollywood disaster film from the 1990s before declaring, “Hold all the beers in the world.” 

China’s first proper science fiction blockbuster is nothing like the sweaty-browned machismo of American popcorn entertainment. Somehow, the story tops them all. 

With the sun about to go extinct and render life on Earth uninhabitable, we are in terrible shape. 

16. Code 8

Now that the MCU is over, the superhero schtick is no longer considered counterculture. Consequently, we’re seeing more entertaining, immediately gratifying films like Code 8, which is set in a world where about 4 percent of people are born with special abilities. 

Unfortunately, not all of the people who cower before “Powers” are excited about this situation. One such person is Connor, a twentysomething laborer who is having difficulty covering his mother’s medical expenses. 

Robbie and Stephen Amell, real-life cousins and heroes of the Arrowverse, co-star after helping to fund the movie through Kickstarter. With the elder Amell portraying the ruthless liar who recruits Connor, their on-screen chemistry is what makes it work. 

17. Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire is set shortly and revolves around a civil war in Ukraine between pro-Russian rebels and local resistance, which prompts the US to send in peacekeeping troops. 

To avert a global disaster, Anthony Mackie, who also produced the film, plays an android officer who collaborates with Damson Idris, who plays a drone pilot. 

Starring with her are Emily Beecham, Michael Kelly, and Pilou Asbæk. Swedish director Mikael Håfström, who has directed thrillers like 2013’s Escape Plan, starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, directed this film.

18. Project Power

The cast of Project Power, another Netflix Original, includes Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback. 

A near-future version of New Orleans, centers on a drug dealer, a police officer, and a former soldier who band together to stop the distribution of a pill that grants its user superpowers for five minutes. 

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the directors of Paranormal Activity 3 and Paranormal Activity 4, directed the film. Other stars include Allen Maldonado, Rodrigo Santoro, Amy Landecker, and Colson Baker.

19. Extraction

Investing $65 million in its action-packed spectacle Extraction, it’s understandable why Netflix decided to go all out on all fronts. 

It was a brilliant move to cast Chris Hemsworth in the lead role, but even more impressive than Thor is the film’s director, Sam Hargrave, who also serves as an MCU stunt performer.

Similar to how renowned stunt mastermind Chad Stahelski took the helm as director for the first time on John Wick, Hargrave gets the opportunity to view the action from the perspective of a stuntman.

20. Beasts of No Nation

One of Netflix’s very first productions was an extremely audacious idea: a war film set in a made-up African nation, portrayed extensively in Twi, about a young soldier trained for violence by an equally menacing and alluring commander. 

Beasts of No Nation leaves the audience emotionally and morally torn, living up to the grim expectations of the premise.

As the commandant, Idris Elba gives an outstanding performance in a film that is both exciting and terrifying. 

Finally, you are set to make your week exciting, as you will be watching the above movies on Netflix. Grab a cup of coffee after work, sit, and enjoy the view.

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