10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix This Week

If you’re looking for the best horror movies on Netflix, there are plenty of scary movies available on Netflix. 

You’ll discover something that appeals to you among the platform originals and acquired titles, perhaps with a dash of time travel or period drama thrown in among all the blood and gore. 

Our selections for some of the top horror films available on Netflix at the moment can be found by scrolling down.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix this Week

Here are the best horror movies on Netflix for you;

1. Alone

Alone is a classic woman-on-the-run thriller written by John Hyams (Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning), a taut spine-chiller. Recently widowed Jessica (Jules Willcox) is in the process of moving. 

She appears to be being followed on the road by a strange man (Marc Menchaca), as if that wasn’t stressful enough. She crashes and wakes up in his basement after he slashes her tires.

What comes next is a tautly constructed thriller that, for its entire 98-minute running length, has terrific performances, superb direction, and just the right amount of tension to keep your heart racing.

2. Annihilation

All due respect to The Ruins, Annihilation may be the creepiest plant movie ever produced. In Annihilation, a remarkable ensemble of actors portray a group of scientists examining a meteor-hit area. 

The affected area gradually expanded and developed into what is now known as The Shimmer, a place where strange, unusually green plants cover everything and animals and humans gradually blend into the surrounding vegetation. 

This is a place where nature appears to be taking over everything around it. The group needs to get to the lighthouse at the center of it all. 

3. Climax

In a list of horror films, we say that the climax is not for the weak of heart. The film takes place during an all-night dance party in a gymnasium, which takes a bad turn when someone adds a little too much LSD to the sangria. 

The film’s climax is told in a series of masterfully disorienting long takes that alternate between dozens of minutes of nonstop, intense dance sequences and hazy hallway strolls in which the camera mimics the characters’ dizzying stumbles. 

Some of the attendees’ long-standing grudges erupt along with the psychedelics, with terrible and terrifying results. A movie that genuinely defies description is rare, but Climax is worth seeing if you’re willing to take a risk and have a strong stomach.

4. Crimes Of The Future

They are present in our blood, food, drink, lungs, and even the air we breathe. What is it doing to our bodies, really? Though the implications for our children are uncertain, David Cronenberg’s 2022 body horror drama certainly has some. 

The world of Crimes of the Future is one in which people are incapable of feeling pain. Furthermore, a number of individuals have experienced an unsettling illness that results in the spontaneous development of new organs in their bodies.

Crimes of the Future is a masterful work of science fiction horror, where surgery is the new sex and our bodies have rebelled against us for the unimaginable destruction we have inflicted on the planet. 

5. Cure

The 1997 horror masterpiece Cure by Kiyoshi Kurosawa centers on Kenichi Takabe despite their apparent disconnection, all seem to be connected, even though none of the killers knew one another or had any memory of what drove them to commit the crimes. 

After Takabe’s investigation identifies a suspect, Masato Hagiwara’s Mamiya, a psychology and mesmerization student, he finds himself enmeshed in a conspiracy that threatens to engulf anyone who approaches too closely.

6. Encounters Of The Spooky Kind

This Halloween, my only objective was to see Sammo Hung’s martial arts comedy Encounters of the Spooky Kind, a jiangshi film. After years of being unavailable digitally, it was finally added to the Criterion Channel’s streaming lineup earlier this fall. 

And, as a reader, you should know that I had the right priorities because this movie is fantastic. Often a one-man show, Sammo’s talents as a director, choreographer, and performer are on full display

Biao plays the silent vampire’s co-star and does a fantastic job of capturing the zombie’s tense limbs and surprising hops during fight scenes. This is a vibrant, humorous, tense, scary, and extremely entertaining film. 

7. Eyes Without A Face

The seminal 1960 film by Georges Franju is a masterwork of supernatural fantasy horror. Eyes Without a Face is a haunting and beautiful story about a plastic surgeon who abducts young women and operates on them in an attempt to find a face replacement for his daughter. 

Many decades after the film, in the equally fantastic Holy Motors, Scob’s famous face mask was mentioned.

8. Hellraiser

In 1987, Clive Barker made his directorial debut, telling the tale of Larry (Andrew Robinson) and Julia Cotton (Clare Higgins) based on his 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart. 

The Cottons are a married couple who take up residence in the house of Frank (Sean Chapman), the brother of Larry who passed away not too long ago and with whom Julia had an affair. 

Frank lures Julia into attracting new men to the house in an attempt to fully regain his mortal form after unintentionally being resurrected by a drop of blood that Larry spilled on the attic floor. 

9. Hereditary

The success of hereditary causes it to suffer. Hereditary is a movie that is often overlooked, despite being the epitome of the misguided term “elevated horror” and the target of numerous memes, especially around phone poles. 

The film centers on Annie Graham, a challenging mother of two who recently lost her mother. Annie discovers during the funeral that a good number of people have come to pay their respects to the mother, who she had assumed had no friends. 

Eventually, she finds out that her mother and this group of elderly people were all part of the same strange semi-cult. And it’s where the witchcraft begins.

10. The Host

Following up his critically acclaimed serial killer drama Memories of Murder, Bong Joon-ho directed The Host. It was the highest-grossing South Korean movie ever following its release and won Best Film at the Asian and Blue Dragon Film Awards. 

A massive mutant fish monster emerges years after chemicals are poured into the Han River, capturing a young girl. Before being taken hostage by the American scientists who created it, her father, Song Kang-ho, sets out to locate and save her. 

The Host is a fun monster thriller that ranks highly in Bong’s impressive filmography and serves as a perceptive commentary on ecological disasters, U.S. intervention, and much more.

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