10 Spy Movies on Netflix to Watch This Week

Indulge in the exhilarating world of spy thrillers that will keep your blood pumping and you glued to the edge of your seat. Netflix, renowned for its exceptional content, continues to deliver fantastic shows that often reveal more than meets the eye. This year, they have unveiled some impressive contenders for the title of the best spy movies on Netflix.

Prepare to embark on an enthralling journey into the world of spies as you uncover hidden agendas, decipher codes, and unravel the truth. These spy thrillers on Netflix promise an electrifying blend of action, suspense, and espionage that will leave you breathless.

Get ready to delve into these captivating spy movies on Netflix and let the adrenaline flow.

1. Title: The Gray Man 

Release Year: 2022
Director: Joe Russo and Anthony Russo
Runtime: 2h 9m

Kicking off our list of the best spy movies on Netflix is “The Gray Man,” one of the platform’s recent additions. This action-packed thriller follows a CIA operative who unveils dark secrets within the agency, leading his colleague to place a bounty on his life. With a fast-paced narrative, “The Gray Man” features Ryan Gosling in the role of a mysterious and cunning CIA Agent. While the film includes some unremarkable aspects, they don’t significantly detract from the overall experience. Although it may not be a masterpiece, “The Gray Man” is well-suited for a single viewing. It offers an entertaining watch without requiring excessive contemplation.

2. Title: Red Notice 

Release Year: 2021
Director: Red Notice 
Runtime: 1h 58m

When Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson come together on screen, you know you’re in for an entertaining treat. “Red Notice” is a comedic action thriller that cleverly plays with spy movie conventions. If you’re a fan of comedy spy films on Netflix, this one is a must-watch. The story follows an Interpol agent teaming up with an art thief to capture another art thief. But in the world of “Red Notice,” things are never as they seem, with both sides engaged in a constant battle of double-crossing and deception. Brace yourself for a thrilling and humor-filled ride with this star-studded movie.

3. Title: The Edge Of War 

Release Year: 2021
Director: Christian Schwochow
Runtime: 2h 3m

“Munich: The Edge of War” concludes our selection of the best spy movies on Netflix. The film centers around two classmates thrust into opposing roles one as a British diplomat and the other collaborating with the Nazis. It’s important to approach this movie without expecting strict historical accuracy, as it offers a “what if” scenario rather than a definitive history lesson. By keeping an open mind, you can fully appreciate the film’s engaging storyline.

4. Title: The Red Sea Diving Resort 

Release Year: 2019
Director: Gideon Raff
Runtime: 2h 10m

“The Red Sea Diving Resort” is a gripping spy movie on Netflix, based on a true story. Set in 1979, it follows Israel’s Mossad agents as they embark on a daring mission to rescue Ethiopian Jewish refugees in Sudan. One of the film’s standout features is its stellar ensemble cast, including Chris Evans, Ben Kingsley, Haley Bennett, and other talented actors. With its emotional and impactful storyline, “The Red Sea Diving Resort” offers a serious and thought-provoking viewing experience. If you’re seeking a compelling and weighty film, this is an excellent choice that will leave a lasting impression.

5. Title: Operation Mincemeat 

Release Year: 2021
Director: John Madden
Runtime: 2h 8m

Another movie based on a true story makes its way on our list of the best spy movies on Netflix. This movie revolves around two secret services officers who use a dead body and counterfeit documents to get ahead of German troops. Operation Mincemeat’s plot is quite interesting. The film keeps you engaged from start to end, and there isn’t a dull moment. There are some unnecessary subplots throughout this movie, which can be a bit distracting. You can ignore these elements as they aren’t that important to the storyline. So overall, Operation Mincemeat is a pretty decent movie if you’re craving a spy movie on Netflix.

6. Title: Skyfall 

Release Year: 2012
Director: Sam Mendes
Runtime: 2h 23m

The story revolves around an ex-MI6 agent who steals classified data to exact revenge on Bond’s boss, M. To save her, Bond must confront his own past. Directed by the acclaimed Sam Mendes, “Skyfall” was destined for greatness. It serves as a fitting tribute to Bond’s enduring legacy, packed with action, adventure, and plenty of thrills to keep you at the edge of your seat. Undoubtedly, “Skyfall” stands among the finest spy movies currently available on Netflix. This cinematic gem is worth considering a region change if you’re outside the US, as it offers an unforgettable viewing experience you won’t want to miss.

7. Title: A Call To Spy 

Release Year: 2019
Director: Lydia Dean Pilcher
Runtime: 2h 3m

“A Call to Spy” is a captivating addition to our list of the best spy movies on Netflix. Set during World War II, the film delves into the Special Operations Executive’s (SOE) initiative to recruit and deploy women as spies. This movie offers a refreshing perspective on WWII, showcasing a lesser-explored aspect of the war. “A Call to Spy” delivers an exhilarating and entertaining spy experience, featuring a capable cast. While it may not strive for complete historical accuracy, the film draws inspiration from real events and individuals, lending it a sense of inspiration and authenticity.

8. Title: The Angel 

Release Year: 2019
Director: Ariel Vromen
Runtime: 1h 54m

“The Angel” is a gripping true story centered around Ashraf Marwan, the son-in-law of the Egyptian President. As tensions rise and Egypt gears up for war, Marwan contacts Israel, plunging himself into a perilous world of high-stakes espionage. While “The Angel” may have some historical inaccuracies and occasional filmmaking flaws, it remains an immensely entertaining spy movie available on Netflix. Embracing the familiar tropes of the genre, the film delivers a suspenseful and engaging experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Despite its imperfections, “The Angel” succeeds in offering a thrilling and captivating portrayal of the spy genre.

9. Title: Central Intelligence 

Release Year: 2016
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Runtime: 1h 47m

“Central Intelligence” is a hilarious action-packed spy comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The story revolves around an accountant who unexpectedly becomes entangled in an international covert operation after reconnecting with his old friend on Facebook. The dynamic duo of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson never fails to bring joy to the screen. Their incredible chemistry and comedic talent shine throughout the film. With genuinely funny moments and sequences that will leave you in stitches, “Central Intelligence” guarantees an entertaining and laughter-filled experience.

10. Title: The Coldest Game 

Release Year: 2019
Director: Lukasz Kosmicki
Runtime: 1h 43m

“The Coldest Game” seamlessly blends the worlds of sports and espionage into a gripping film. Set against the backdrop of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the story follows a troubled math prodigy who is recruited to participate in a US-Soviet chess match that doubles as a dangerous game of spy craft. Undoubtedly, “The Coldest Game” stands among the finest spy movies available on Netflix. The film is exceptionally well-crafted, with outstanding performances, a compelling storyline, and a perfectly paced narrative. The palpable atmosphere of high tension adds to the intensity of the experience. In summary, “The Coldest Game” is a highly effective spy thriller that will keep you engrossed from start to finish. Prepare to be captivated by its intricate plot and never find a dull moment throughout its runtime.

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