10 Spy Movies on Netflix to Watch This Week

There isn’t anything more amazing than a collection of spy movies on Netflix for a high tide of mystery.

The films of this kind of genre are tightly coiled with the looping plot and the seemingly impossible tasks.

Spy films can be in any genre: drama, historical fiction, action genre, or any other blends these genres. It can also be an espionage story under the cover.

Spy Movies on Netflix this Week

Here are the best spy movies streaming on Netflix as of March 2024.

1. In From the Cold (2022)

An American television series named “In From the Cold” introduces a Russian spy as the main entity.

Along with the title itself, the novel “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” by John le Carre could have also sparked this title choice.

This very dollar symbolizes a veteran’s first breakthrough to normal life after the service and the final job they will hold for the rest of their professional career.

2. Treason (2022)

The series of spies named “Treason”, Netflix’s original with a spine and script of Charlie Cox and Oona Chaplin and Olga Kurylenko being the main characters, is one of the most watched.

Cox is shown as Adam, an experienced MI6 operator with bags that project him as a future employee of the intelligence agency.

However, a newcomer, an undercover KGB agent Kara (Kurylenko), is responsible for the fatal poisoning of Zhivago’s boss.

3. FUBAR (2023 – Present)

The central theme of FUBAR is the complex father-daughter dynamic between CIA agents Emma Brunner (Monica Barbaro) and Luke (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who are not aware of each other’s professional roles.

Luke is as surprised to find out that he and Emma are spies as Emma is when they are called in for one last assignment.

Although FUBAR is full of amazing stunts and humorous moments, its storytelling could have been more coherent and the film still feels a little disorganized.

4. Traitors (2019)

From Killing Eve to James Bond, the British have a strong cultural connection to the spy genre. In Traitors, Keeley Hawes, who played a significant part in the highly acclaimed spy series Spooks, plays Priscilla, a senior civil servant at the Cabinet Office.

But Priscilla isn’t the main character. Feef (Emma Appleton), a British woman with an American lover, plays that role. She is persuaded to spy on her government on behalf of the Americans.

One of the best British Netflix series is Traitors. Traitors is a contemporary take on the traditional spy genre, telling a classic story of espionage set in the late 1940s, shortly after World War II.

5. Spycraft (2021)

The theme of Spycraft is real-life spies and their equipment and methods, even though it lacks a clear plot or well-developed characters.

There’s nothing more thrilling and amazing than true spy tales by notable individuals and former CIA agents, and they’re all very entertaining.

Despite its widespread popularity, not everyone is as knowledgeable about the spy genre as others are.

Viewers who are unfamiliar with espionage and the methods employed by secret agents will find great enjoyment in this unique documentary series.

6. Pine Gap (2018)

Originating in Australia, Pine Gap centers on the joint defense facility between the United States and Australia in central Australia.

It’s a tale of friendship and loyalty that starts in Myanmar when a plane is shot down and the governments of the US and Australia have to determine what caused the attack.

The cast does a masterful job of portraying the conflict between moral decisions made on a personal level and loyalty to their governments.

7. The Recruit (2022)

After playing an action-packed role in Black Adam, Netflix’s breakout star and heartthrob Noah Centineo has moved into more serious roles. In The Recruit, he plays a lawyer for the CIA.

He is brought in to identify threats against the agency. With each new episode, he plays a more and more secret agent-like role—even though he’s not the real spy here.

A show full of action, The Recruit boasts clever conversation, effortless charm, and a self-aware sense of humor. Even though it can occasionally become overly simple and unrealistic, it’s still a fun experience.

8. Kleo (2022 – Present)

Kleo is an intriguing Netflix original series that is arguably among the greatest adventure thrillers to be released in recent memory.

A spy killer on the loose in Berlin shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall is the subject of a German television series. Kleo (Jella Haase) is the killer, and she wants retribution.

This captivating and exhilarating program is chic, tense, and darkly humorous. The show has a great soundtrack and eye-catching visuals right from the opening scene.

9. The Night Agent (2023 – Present)

The Night Agent created quite a stir when it debuted and is currently one of the most popular Netflix series.

The compelling narrative centers on FBI agent Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), who has a troubled past and is assigned to answer an unanswered phone in a basement under the White House.

After receiving a call that would change his life, Peter plunges into the perilous world of espionage and conspiracy one day, changing his life forever.

10. The Spy (2019)

Many people are accustomed to Sacha Baron Cohen’s antics and his relentless efforts to subvert the system, which he daringly and deftly parodies.

While Cohen is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the roles he writes, he is also an incredibly gifted dramatic actor, as demonstrated by his performances in Hugo and The Trial of the Chicago Seven, for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

The life of actual Israeli spy Eli Cohen, and a particular case from the late 1950s, is the subject of the amazing spy TV series The Spy.

Whether you are interested in becoming a spy or you just admire seeing how spies act on the screen, picking from the above list of movies will surely make your day.

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