10 Best Dog Movies on Netflix This Week

For both dog owners and animal enthusiasts, dog movies on Netflix provide a delightful kind of entertainment. A cute dog in a movie will instantly pique the interest of many people.

Considering the health of animals, one-third of households worldwide own a dog, so the fascination with dogs in movies makes sense. 

This figure does not even take into consideration those who might desire a dog but cannot adopt one for other reasons. Fortunately, Netflix has excellent dog movies that anyone can watch and enjoy spending time with adorable dogs.

The Best Dog Movies on Netflix

Keep reading to find some of the best dog movies available to watch on Netflix currently.

1. Pets United (2019)

Reinhard Kloss is the director of the animated adventure movie “Pets United.” The story revolves around Belle, a spoilt house cat, and a brazen stray dog named Roger teaming up to prevent a robot takeover of their city.

Along with other animals, Roger and Belle work together to overcome challenges and come together against a common enemy to save their city from impending disaster.

The film touches on themes of unity among diverse individuals and emphasizes the importance of teamwork in overcoming challenges, all the while providing laughter and excitement for viewers of all ages with its stunning animation and exciting sequences.

2. Think Like a Dog (2020)

This Gil Junger-directed movie centers on 12-year-old Oliver (Gabriel Bateman), whose science experiment grants him the telepathic ability to understand Henry, his pet dog.

As they get to know one another, a cunning woman comes up with a scheme to obtain the technology by any means necessary, which sends Oliver and Henry on a string of adventures.

“Think Like a Dog” also stars Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Kunal Nayyar, and Janet Montgomery. It will make you wish you could talk to dogs.

3. Marmaduke (2022)

This animated adventure-comedy film, directed by Mark A.Z. Dippé, is centered on the endearing and awkward Great Dane named “Marmaduke.”

The hilarious adventures of the Great Dane are brought to the big screen in this cinematic adaptation, which is based on the cherished comic strip that Brad Anderson and Paul Anderson created.

We are taken on a humorous and endearing journey that highlights the challenges and pleasures of owning a large dog like “Marmaduke,” as he maneuvers through various misadventures in his suburban neighborhood with his nemesis Zeus, a haughty cream-colored Afghan hound.

4. Dog Gone Trouble (2019)

Kevin Johnson is the director of the endearing animated adventure-comedy “Trouble.” The main character of this movie is Trouble, a charming but mischievous dog whose luxurious lifestyle is upended by the passing of his devoted owner.

“Trouble” faces a variety of obstacles and makes unanticipated friends as he sets out on an adventure through busy city streets.

Viewers are taken on a delightful journey full of laughter, excitement, and touching moments by the film’s captivating storytelling and endearing portrayal of a man’s best friend.

5. White Fang (2018)

“White Fang” is an adaptation of Jack London’s renowned classic novel. It chronicles the adventures of a wolf-dog who lived under three different masters.

Throughout the years, the tale of White Fang has won over many hearts, and it always will. The story’s film adaptation does a fantastic job of bringing the viewer in close to the lead character and the lovely soundtrack.

“White Fang” is an adult film and a children’s film, and by the end, it will almost certainly bring you to tears.

6. Benji (2018)

We can’t get enough of this adorable little dog that solves mysteries, and judging by the number of times Hollywood has recreated it over the years, neither can they.

This one’s plot is remarkably similar to the first film, which was released in the early 1970s. After becoming friends with two young children, Benji goes out to save them when they are kidnapped.

Even though this is a remake of a classic film, it will undoubtedly bring you to tears and manage to touch you just as much as the original.

7. June & Kopi (2021)

June & Kopi is a family comedy film directed, co-written, and produced by Noviandra Santosa. It stars Acha Septrias, Ryan Delon, and Makayla Rose Hilli.

The narrative centers on a stray dog that, while fleeing from some naughty kids who are torturing her for amusement, happens to run into Aya, a graphic designer. Aya brings his new dog friend to her house, where it meets Kopi, after rescuing it.

After a sequence of events, Aya’s husband is forced to bring the dog back, even though he originally sent her back to a shelter.

8. Seventeen (2019)

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo’s touching family drama film “Seventeen” is directed by him. A troubled teenage boy named Héctor escapes from his youth detention center and sets out on a quest to find Oveja, a dog he met and bonded with at an animal rescue center.

The film is set in the gorgeous countryside of northern Spain. Ismael, Héctor’s mischievous but obedient older brother, helps him on this journey full of surprises and adventures.

In the movie, Biel Montoro plays Hector, and Nacho Sanchez plays Ismael. Both actors give outstanding performances that perfectly convey the depth of their characters’ relationship. You can watch the movie online here.

9. Arctic Dogs (2019)

John Cleese, Jeremy Renner, James Franco, and Heidi Klum are among the talented voice actors in Aaron Woodley’s computer-animated comedy film “Arctic Dogs.”

The fox Swifty realizes right away that a counter-plan is necessary when he finds out that Otto Von Walrus intends to drill through the Arctic surface to melt the ice.

He stands a good chance of failing, which would mean that other animal species that live there in peace would also likely die young.

10. Dog Gone (2023)

Stephen Herek’s family drama “Dog Gone” is based on a real-life incident. The movie centers on Johnny Berchtold’s character Fielding Marshall, a senior in college who is looking for Gonker, his golden retriever pet who has Addison’s disease.

Fielding and his father, John Marshall (Rob Lowe), must hike the Appalachian Trail to locate Gonker after he disappears because the dog needs to receive a life-saving injection of medication.

The father-son team’s search for their dog ultimately contributes to the healing of their strained bond.

Heads up, pet lovers! The above list of Netflix movies contains movies that tell interesting stories about dogs.

It would be a fantastic experience to watch dogs in action, demonstrating intelligence and loyalty. Pick a movie from the list and let the weekly fun begin.

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