10 Best Kids Movies on Netflix This Week

The movies you see as a child have a special magic to them. One thing is certain: the best kids movies on Netflix we watch as children stay with us for the rest of our lives. 

Whether it’s an imaginative journey to a wondrous realm, an animated adventure that captures our imagination, or perhaps a moving coming-of-age story that helps prepare us to take our first steps into a wider world. 

The greatest of them can even significantly influence who we are and how we perceive the world. However‌, you can experience the magic of moving without ever leaving the house or even the sofa.

Exciting Best Kids Movies on Netflix Right Now

These kids movies on Netflix we have outlined below are exceptional and we promise your kids will love them all.

1. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

Two decades after their original daring escape in “Chicken Run,” brash American rooster Rocky and soft-spoken, amiable hen Ginger must now defend their newfound flock from an all-too-familiar threat.

This time, after all these years, the chickens won’t be breaking out of the farm they live on, but breaking in.

Will their infiltration abilities hold up and their escape skills? Yes, without a doubt. The corny, family-friendly jokes also guarantee you to laugh. 

2. Over the Moon

A young girl named Fei Fei is on a mission to verify the myth of Chang’e, the moon goddess who rejected love for immortality in favor of Houyi.

To accomplish that, Fei Fei constructs a rocket to the moon, driven by her desire to demonstrate the reality of the god she sees, dancing across the design of an ornate scarf in brilliant colors.

This incredible journey features a pop song by Soo that will blow you away and an incredibly beautiful animation that you will want to play again and again. 

3. Leo

Adam Sandler plays an elderly reptile named Leo who is full of life. After living his entire life as the class pet, he finally realizes that his time is running out and that he has only one year left to fulfill his dreams of being free from the school he currently attends.

However, Leo’s escape strategy takes an unexpected turn when his class is taken over by a notoriously cruel substitute teacher.

He soon discovers himself in a new role where he serves as a confidant and support system for irate students, far from his best friend and fellow school pet Squirtle (Bill Burr). 

4. School of Rock

Jack Black plays the passionate but struggling guitarist Dewey Finn in the film. He takes advantage of a last-minute chance to work as a substitute teacher at an elementary school after getting kicked out of his band.

There, he turns the students into a high-powered rock band, much to the principal’s (Joan Cusack) dismay.

While the kids discover the wilder side of life, Dewey finds himself in the process of preparing these young prodigies for the ultimate Battle of the Bands.

5. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

The classic story is reimagined as a post-World War I take with many darker elements in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio.

Still in mourning for his son Carlo, the woodcarver Geppetto makes a puppet out of a pine tree that was planted at his son’s grave. Pinocchio, the puppet, comes to life as a mischievous little boy and causes havoc in his little village.

Sebastian J. Cricket is Pinocchio’s guide. While wishing for immortality, Pinocchio battles with his identity and encounters several mishaps, such as being taken advantage of in a circus run by Count Volpe and coming into proximity to a terrifying sea creature.

6. Rescued by Ruby

A state trooper from Rhode Island named Daniel O’Neil aspires to join the K-9 search and rescue squad. When he finds out his wife is expecting, he tries even harder despite getting turned down repeatedly.

Through a strange turn of events, Daniel meets Ruby, a hyperactive half-border collie who has a past of unsuccessful adoptions from the neighborhood shelter.

Daniel adopts Ruby after seeing that she is a kindred spirit and using her as a training partner for search and rescue missions. Together, the two overcome all obstacles to realize their true potential.

7. The Sleepover

Teenager Clancy Finch has a rebellious streak and a crush on someone. When her mother Margot’s past catches up with them, she discovers her entire world has been turned upside down.

After a viral video exposes her cover, Margot, a former member of a criminal organization who is currently under witness protection, is forced to face her past.

As the Finch children set out on a mission to save their parents, they become unintentional heroes alongside Clancy’s friend Mim and brother Kevin’s friend Lewis. 

8. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Yes, we do recommend the most recent iteration of the Shrek Cinematic Universe, even though this column advises readers against reading pablum. This is because Puss in Boots: The Final Wish exceeds your expectations greatly.

Antonio Banderas plays the title cat, who is experiencing the physical version of the old “nine lives” myth as death stalks him and he begins to question whether he made the most of his first eight lives.

9. Nimona

The theme of this opulently animated film is strange allegiances. The kingdom’s knights have singled out the shape-shifter Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz). 

However, after being falsely accused of killing this futuristic world’s queen, knight Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed) needs Nimona’s assistance to clear his name.

10. Enola Holmes 2

Sequels frequently gain from their predecessor having done the legwork required to create a world that characters (and viewers) can enjoy.

Thus, while young Enola Holmes is eager to launch her agency and leave behind the shadow of her well-known brother, she is also mature enough to understand that the public will not take seriously a young girl as a detective. 

Luckily, Bessie (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss), a factory girl in dire need of assistance in locating her sister, is introduced to her. Therefore, besides being entertained, viewers will learn more about the match girls’ strike of 1888.

Most times, kids can be bored if there is nothing to keep them busy. This is why you should aim to make them happy by allowing them to see their favorite movies.

However, you would want to give your kids the best by choosing from the above list of kids’ movies on Netflix.

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