5 Scary Movies on Netflix this Week (June 26th-30th, 2023)

Are you in the mood for a spine-chilling movie on Netflix? Well, the perfect time to indulge in a horror film is anytime! Gone are the days of waiting for October or relying on Blockbuster rentals to satisfy your craving for scares.

Now, with the convenience of Treatster to guide you to the best candy-giving houses, and the abundance of streaming content on Netflix, you can simply kick back on your couch and immerse yourself in a world of terror.

To assist you in your quest for frightful delights, we’ve curated a continuously updated list of Scary Movies on Netflix this Week. Whether you prefer timeless horror classics or contemporary thrills, this compilation is sure to fulfill your desire for hair-raising experiences.

1. Title: Psycho (1960)

Release Year: 1960
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, Martin Balsam, John Gavin
Runtime: 109 minutes.

Psycho, unleashed by Alfred Hitchcock 57 years ago, remains an immense cinematic achievement. Finding new insights may seem like a fool’s errand, but let us embrace our foolishness. Over five decades later, its influence reverberates through popular culture. Characters losing their heads in Game of Thrones, their innards in The Walking Dead, or their lives in Alien, Life, and Scream exemplify its impact. Psycho revolutionized genre films, just as Scream does for contemporary horror. This impact stands as a testament to Hitchcock’s mastery. Psycho is a remarkable film, timeless and authoritative. Anthony Perkins’ portrayal of Norman Bates defies replication. Like Psycho itself, he is truly one of a kind. Psycho’s enduring legacy lies in its exceptional storytelling and the unmatched artistry of Hitchcock.

2. Title: His House

Release Year: 2020
Director: Remi Weekes
Starring: Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu, Matt Smith
Runtime: 93 minutes

No horror film is more deflating than those that hold back on delivering genuine scares. Remi Weekes’ His House avoids this pitfall entirely. From the very start, the movie grips audiences with a tragedy, surpassing The Grudge in its ability to leave a trail of ghosts strewn across the floor and stairs, ready to startle the protagonists. While at its core, it explores the innate grief of immigrant experiences, similar to Jonas Carpignano’s Mediterranea, His House also unapologetically captures the perils faced by immigrants with raw neorealist clarity. Weekes delves deep into the characters of Bol and Rial, exploring their origins, motivations for leaving, and the lengths they went to escape. Simultaneously, he ensures that viewers are consistently on the edge of their seats, eager to be startled.

3. Title: The Haunting of Hill House

Release Year: 2018
Director: Mike Flanagan
Starring: Henry Thomas, Michiel Huisman, Carla Gugino, Elizabeth Reaser, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Kate Siegel, Victoria Pedretti
Runtime: 10 episodes

The Haunting of Hill House excels not only as a horror TV series but also as a skillful adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s renowned novel, thanks to its captivating aesthetic. The show cleverly keeps the monsters, ghosts, and eerie occurrences mostly hidden from view, obscured by shadows or occurring off-screen. It pays homage to the original film adaptation by employing similar camera movements and shot designs, which heightens the sense of unease and deliberate inconsistency. While watching, one’s mind becomes the only true inconsistent element, constantly on guard against deception, yet often succumbing to the scenes’ artful construction. By embracing the discomfort and patiently building tension rather than relying on jump scares, The Haunting of Hill House masterfully crafts unsettling scenarios, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully. Jacob Oller encapsulates it perfectly by stating that the series excels in creating distressing situations and expertly immersing us in them.

4. Title: It Follows

Release Year: 2015
Director: David Robert Mitchell
Starring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe
Runtime: 100 minutes

It Follows captures the lingering presence of Old Detroit, permeating every corner of the film. From the worn-out ice cream stand on 12 Mile to the nostalgic ranch homes of Ferndale and Berkley, David Robert Mitchell’s terrifying masterpiece exudes the stale, gray nostalgia of Southeast Michigan. Mitchell, like an auteur born from the unhealthy womb of Metro Detroit, employs music, a muted yet sumptuous color palette, and intentional anachronisms to create an unsettling atmosphere. The film revolves around cycles and circles, reflecting the insular rules of its horror plot and the characters’ youthful vulnerability. Mitchell skillfully explores the consequences of teenage sex, avoiding judgment and instead exposing the raw realities through a complex allegory. By embracing the eeriness of the ordinary, It Follows delves into the anxiety that accompanies growing up, reminding us of our limited time and perpetual vulnerability. It is a penetrating metaphor for the journey into adulthood.

5. Title: Cabinet of Curiosities

Release Year: 2022
Director: Guillermo Navarro, David Prior, Jennifer Kent, others
Starring: Tim Blake Nelson, Andrew Lincoln, Essie Davis, F. Murray Abraham, others

Netflix’s new series, “Cabinet of Curiosities,” curated by Guillermo del Toro, sparks curiosity about its true essence. As the host, del Toro presents tales connected to the enigmatic cabinet. Yet, one wonders if the episodes can live up to the renowned director’s name. However, any doubts are quickly dispelled. This collection of stories is a visual masterpiece, showcasing remarkable artistry, production design, and cinematic expertise rarely seen in the streaming realm. While some narratives may follow familiar patterns, their execution thrives due to the immense filmmaking talent involved. The involvement of top-tier genre creators ensures a professional and captivating experience. This anthology stands out as a testament to del Toro’s personal endorsement and the exceptional work of each filmmaker. One can envision del Toro beaming with satisfaction while watching these episodes. —Jim Vorel

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