7 Movies to Watch on Netflix This Week

This year there are two of these nominated films. Thus, this is the right time for people who have missed them during the Oscar show to have a look at one of the fun movies to watch on Netflix.

Through all the choices and selections, we need to distinguish what the good stuff is, and what to choose, should we see the forest for trees? This is our job, and we are ready to help you.

Fun Movies to Watch on Netflix

The following is our list of movies you can watch on Netflix this week with your friends and families;

1. Athena

The Athena is a sensational film from 2022 that tells a very intriguing story of the young man from the French banlieue who seeks justice against the system in which policemen deprived him of life dignity.

One cannot get rid of a powerful movie like “Athena”, which not only informs us about the different views of the three brothers towards the conflict through their characters but also reveals many important historical facts about Cyprus.

Yet it is the skill and the know-how that make it all-sufficing in technology. In this directorial debut, Romain Gavras, a music videos director, takes a highly energetic and dynamic approach with an elegantly ordered crowd scene and the use of camera movement.

2. Atlantics

The thrill of discovering Atlantics step by step is gradually passing away as we go along with the plot even though we try not to disclose what makes the movie so special and unforgettable.

It is a cosmic, wistful romance or a tale, where the heart beats with actual intensity and feelings, reaching themes close to love, grief, work, class, wage, and the impact echoed after oppression or slavery.

Indisputably, one of the most impressive directorial debuts in recent memory, it was directed by the first-ever Black woman to be a part of the Cannes competition.

This has attracted grand attention from filmmaking platforms and audiences all over. It was visually beautiful, thanks to Alioune Diop and Claire Mathon.

3. Blackhat

A bad reputation is what Michael Mann’s Blackhat deals with in a way that looks into a deeper expression of hacking by presenting it as a very attractive medium. At this point, It marks a new stage in the digital film industry.

In the movie, a jamming system of a nuclear power station located in Hong Kong because of a cyber attack as a result of a melting population led to the experience of Chen Dawai , a junior captain of the PLA’s cyber warfare unit.

Chen, however, is determined that he will get a hold of his friend Nicholas Hathaway, an outstanding hacker who is now in prison while having close contact with the agents of the FBI.

4. The Conversation

Gene Hackman plays a detective named Harry Caul in Francis Ford Coppola`s film The Conversation. The Conversation is dangerous because it will make you uncertain.

Embroiled in a net woven by sorceresses, barbarity, and bloody carnage, the only way out for Harry is by discovering the secrets of what he has seen.

With each pass by-scene thereof, Coppola creates a feeling of anxiety, and the piano soundtrack helps to come up with the mood.

5. Devil in a Blue Dress

Beneath the astounding light of racial conflicts in Los Angeles, a frenzied neo-noir chooses Denzel Washington and vies to reach the top of Stardom mountain.

Denzel fits the role of Easy Rawlins, an out-of-job veterinarian who wants to get a mortgage payment enrolled only to have enough cash for the whole month.

The private eye’s job becomes more complicated as he is dragged into the intricacy of lies and tricks outflanked by the PI’s hired skills that pay very well.

6. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

One of the most famous present-day directors is Johnnie To, who can manage everything from lighthearted movies about romantic love and adventure to suspenseful crime dramas.

A film that belongs to the former genre is the 2011 film Dont Go Breaking My Heart, which is undoubtedly one of the most significant films of Hong Kong filmmakers among his many works.

Chi-yan (Gao Yuanyan), an experienced analyst of an investment bank who has been through a long relationship break-up, is found in a love game with two men.

Chiyani associates with Sean (Louis Koo), a master, on the one hand, and through the great corporate glass window, she longs for him.

7. Eega

The director of RRR has brought a romantic slapstick comedy in which a female fly and her man plot to make life difficult for a killer, eventually reaching the top.

A man gets murdered by a businessman who is a corruption of his life in the plot of the film Eega. He turns into a fly, an assassin, to stop the man who killed him like a fly.

The humorous Rajamouli certainly deserves acclaim for his lighter manner. He used slapstick and screwball concepts on his set pieces, along with some visual jokes. With his brilliant visual effects, he presents a new generation of digital filmmaking.

Our list of movies to watch on Netflix will be updated, so visit back often as we will present more new movies this month. If the biggest part of your to-do list is the chronology of your next movie night, just stay put.

However, the above list of movies contains movies that are rated among the best movies on Netflix’s video gallery. Watch and chill.

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