10 Good Movies on Netflix This Week ( Must Watch)

Are you searching for the current Top 10 good movies on Netflix? You’ve come to the right place! While Netflix launched a trending list earlier this year to showcase the daily Top 10 most popular good movies, finding that list on Netflix itself can be a bit challenging.

In this week’s Top 10, the majority consists of holdover titles. This includes the highly anticipated premiere of Extraction 2, which offers a treasure trove of new storylines to delve into and the opportunity to revisit old favorites. 

Joining the list is the addictive The Perfect Find, Run Rabbit Run, and the debut movie Through My Window: Across The Sea. .

Keep an eye out for the weekly changes in the Top 10. However, here are the current Top 10 good movies on Netflix. Stay tuned for more entertainment updates!

1. Title: Extraction 2

Release Year: 2023
Director: Sam Hargrave
Runtime: 2h 3min

“Extraction 2” delivers an electrifying and action-packed experience that keeps you glued to the screen from start to finish. Chris Hemsworth once again shines as the fearless Tyler Rake, displaying his remarkable physicality and on-screen presence. Director Sam Hargrave crafts intense and intricately choreographed action sequences that leave you breathless. The gripping storyline, centered around a high-stakes rescue mission, keeps the suspense levels soaring. With stunning visuals and a pulsating soundtrack, “Extraction 2” is a thrilling cinematic ride that satisfies fans of the genre. It’s a worthy follow-up that delivers on its promise of non-stop excitement and entertainment.

2. Title: The Perfect Find

Release Year: 2023
Director: Numa Perrier
Runtime: 1h 39m

“The Perfect Find,” directed by Numa Perrier, is a captivating and thought-provoking film that delves into the complexities of modern relationships, identity, and self-discovery. Led by the talented Symoné Sanders, the movie follows Jenna as she navigates the challenges of love and career in a fast-paced world. Perrier’s direction beautifully captures intimate moments, infusing them with emotional depth. With its compelling narrative, stunning cinematography, and relatable characters, “The Perfect Find” is a delightful gem that leaves a lasting impression. It sparks meaningful conversations about pursuing happiness and authenticity in today’s society. This film is a must-watch for those seeking an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

3. Title: Muscles & Mayhem

Release Year: 2023
Directors: Jared Hess
Runtime: Seasonal

“Muscled & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators” is a captivating five-part series that delves into the incredible journey of one of the most prominent television spectacles of the ’90s. It chronicles the soaring success, dramatic downfall, and intriguing backstage tales of the iconic American Gladiators. Prepare to be enthralled by the riveting narrative of “Muscles & Mayhem,” as it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of American Gladiators and the challenges they faced on their path to stardom.

4. Title: Through My Window

Release Year: 2023
Director: Marçal Forès
Runtime: 1h 51m

“Through My Window: Across The Sea,” directed by Marçal Forès, is a poignant and mesmerizing film that takes viewers on a captivating journey of self-discovery and human connection. The story revolves around a young woman who encounters a mysterious man on the other side of the sea, seen through her window. Forès’s direction beautifully captures the longing for connection and the essence of isolation. With stunning cinematography and emotive storytelling, the film explores themes of identity, isolation, and the profound impact of imagination. “Through My Window: Across The Sea” is a thought-provoking and poetic cinematic experience that lingers in one’s mind long after it ends.

5. Title: Run Rabbit Run 

Release Year: 2023
Director: Daina Reid
Runtime: 1h 40m

“Run Rabbit Run,” directed by Daina Reid, is a thrilling and suspenseful film that will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. The story revolves around a woman desperately trying to escape her troubled past, only to become entangled in a dangerous and deceitful web. Reid’s masterful direction builds tension and surprises the audience with unexpected twists that keep them guessing until the very end. The performances are outstanding, with the cast delivering nuanced and captivating portrayals. With its atmospheric cinematography and gripping narrative, “Run Rabbit Run” is a must-watch for fans of intense psychological thrillers.

6. Title: Assassin’s End

Release Year: 2023
Directors: Kaare Andrews
Runtime: 1h 35m

In a twist of events, Special Ops sniper Brandon Beckett finds himself framed for the assassination of a foreign dignitary just before a significant trade agreement. Surviving an attempt on his life, he suspects a covert operative within the government. To uncover the truth, he joins forces with his father, renowned sniper Sgt. Thomas Beckett, the only person he can trust. Pursued by the CIA, Russian mercenaries, and the deadly Lady Death, a Yakuza-trained assassin, the Becketts must evade their pursuers. With unmatched sniper skills, they face a high-stakes battle against formidable enemies in this gripping action-packed thriller.

7. Title: The Mule

Release Year: 2018
Director: Clint Eastwood
Runtime: 1h 42m

“The Mule,” directed by Clint Eastwood, is a compelling and introspective drama that showcases Eastwood’s mastery both in front of and behind the camera. Based on a true story, the film follows the journey of Earl Stone, a horticulturist turned drug courier, as he navigates the dangerous world of drug trafficking. Eastwood delivers a captivating performance, capturing the complexities of Earl’s character with nuance and depth. With its thought-provoking exploration of regret, redemption, and the consequences of one’s choices, “The Mule” leaves a lasting impact. Eastwood’s direction keeps the pacing steady, allowing the narrative to unfold naturally. Anchored by a strong cast and Eastwood’s impeccable storytelling, “The Mule” is a must-watch for fans of gripping dramas.

8. Title: Wham!

Release Year: 2023
Director: Chris Smith
Runtime: 1h 32m

Netflix presents a captivating documentary that explores the rise of the dynamic duo Wham! from the vibrant 1980s music scene in London. Directed by Chris Smith, known for his work on the acclaimed documentary “FYRE,” this film delves into the journey of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, unravelling the challenges they faced on their path to superstardom. It examines the enduring global impact of Wham!’s music and sheds light on Michael’s personal struggles as a closeted gay man. Additionally, the documentary highlights Wham!’s groundbreaking performance in China during the Cold War, making them the first Western pop act to achieve such a feat.

9. Title: Delete

Release Year: 2023
Directors:  Parkpoom Wongpoom
Runtime: Seasonal

In a world where a single photo can make anyone vanish, who would you choose to disappear? Aim and Lily find themselves in an extramarital affair, trapped in unhappy relationships with their partners. When they stumble upon the mysterious ‘Delete’ phone, they see an opportunity to use its supernatural abilities to erase their significant others and begin anew as a couple. However, life is never that easy, and they soon realize that things are more complicated than they initially thought.

10. Title: Make Me Believe

Release Year: 2023
Directors: Evren Karabiyik Günaydin and Murat Saraçoglu
Runtime: 1h 44m

“Make Me Believe,” directed by Evren Karabiyik Günaydin and Murat Saraçoglu, is a mesmerizing film that explores the realms of magic and illusion. With its captivating storytelling and stunning cinematography, the movie takes us on an enchanting journey into the world of a renowned magician. Günaydin and Saraçoglu skillfully blend reality and fantasy, immersing the audience in a spellbinding experience. The film’s meticulous attention to detail and impressive visual effects create an immersive atmosphere that truly captivates. “Make Me Believe” celebrates the power of imagination and the boundless possibilities it offers. It is a must-see for lovers of magical cinema and those who yearn for a touch of wonder in their lives.

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