Full Cast of Sister Act 2

Title: A List Of The Full Cast Of Sister Act 2

Back in the Habit is a cherished 1993 American musical comedy film directed by Bill Duke. The movie being talked about here is a sequel to the famous 1992 movie Sister Act.

It portrays a gifted troupe cast that brings the story to life. Now let’s take a closer look at the full cast of Sister Act.

The Roles of Cast Members Of Sisters Act 2

This will help you know the role of each cast member. Let’s get to know their names:

Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence

The cast Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Sisters Act 2 replayed her role as Deloris Van Cartier, who was working in a lounge as a singer but goes sneaky as Sister Mary Clarence.

The extraordinary comedic timing and high-powered singing voice of Goldberg bring a lively and positive energy to the role, thus making her the eye of the film.

Kathy Najimy As Sister Mary Patrick

It’s Kathy Najimy’s turn now. Kathy took upon the role of Sister Mary Patrick, seeing Kathy you see a happy and ebullient nun.

Najimy’s comedic skills glow through her imitation of this adorable character, providing plenty of amusement throughout the movie.

Barnard Hughes As Father Maurice

The role of father Maurice was taken upon by Barnard Hughes, and in the film, he was the head of the Catholic school where Deloris becomes a music teacher.

All Hughes ever contributed to his role was intelligence and friendliness, which served as a guiding force for the students and nuns alike.

Mary Wickes As Sister Mary Lazarus

Mary Wickes played the role of Sister Mary Lazarus, an elderly and determined nun whose talent was for playing the piano.

Wickes’ sharp understanding and comedic timing added a very pleasurable element to the film, making her scenes unforgettable.

James Coburn As Mr. Crisp

James Coburn takes on the role of Mr. Crisp, It will interest you to know that James was a principal who was so focused on making the school better and changing the school’s prestige and he was really a No-nonsense principal.

This strong presence and seriousness of added deepness to the character, creating rigidity and conflict within the story.

Michael Jeter As Father Ignatius

Michael Jeter plays the role of Father Ignatius, a reserved and caring priest.

Jeter’s gentle imitation of the role makes him appealing to both the students and viewers, bringing a sense of empathy to the film.

Sheryl Lee Ralph As Florence Watson

Sheryl Lee Ralph portrays Florence Watson, the school’s music teacher.

Ralph’s powerful singing voice and commanding stage presence make her an outstanding performer in the film, adding a layer of rightfulness to the musical scenes.

Maggie Smith As Mother Superior

Maggie Smith plays the role of Mother Superior, the one in charge of the nun of the convent.

Smith’s flawless acting skills bring a sense of leverage and grace to the role, creating a perfect combination with Goldberg’s comedic performance.

Wendy Makkena As Sister Mary Robert

Wendy Makkena takes on the role of Sister Mary Robert, Wendy in this role is labeled a shy and gifted nun with a beautiful singing voice.

Makkena’s imitation of the role displays her weakness and growth throughout the film, providing a touching storyline.

Robert Pastorelli As Joey Bustamen

Robert Pastorelli plays the role of Joey Bustamente, a Cute and smart street character who becomes a confidant to the students.

Pastorelli’s fascinating performance adds an element of excitement and uprising to the story.

Thomas Gottschalk As Father Wolfgang

Talking about Thomas Gottschalk in the movie, portrays Father Wolfgang, an exuberant and dramatic priest who becomes the master of ceremonies during the choir competition.

Gottschalk’s larger-than-life personality brings a sense of fun and entertainment to the film.

Alanna Ubach As Maria

Alanna Ubach takes on the role of Maria, one with the gift of singing and a member of the choir.

Ubach’s strong vocal abilities and strong presence make her a standout performer in the film’s musical numbers.

Ryan Toby As Ahmal

Ryan Toby featured Ahmal, a young boy with a strong singing voice who became an important member of the choir.

Toby’s spirited vocals and pure through his performance, impacting deepness and warmth to the film’s musical moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Sister Act 2 A Sequel?

yes for an answer, The movie Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit is a sequel to the original sister act movie.

Q2. Who directed Sister Act 2?

The director of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit is Bill Duke.

Q3. When Was Sister Act 2 Released?

The movie was released on December 10, 1993.

Q4. Does Whoopi Goldberg Reprise Her Role In Sister Act 2?

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg replayed as Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act 2.

Q5. Who plays The Head Nun In Sister Act 2?

Maggie Smith plays the role of Mother Superior in Sister Act 2. She was the head of the Nun.

Q6. Is Sister Act 2 A Musical?

Yes, Sister Act 2 is a musical comedy that showcases a variety of musical numbers throughout the film.

Q7. Who Plays The School’s Music Teacher In Sister Act 2?

Sheryl Lee Ralph plays the role of Florence Watson, and he was the school’s music teacher.

Q8. Are There Any New Characters In Sister Act 2?

yes, Sister Act 2 brought in new characters such as Father Ignatius, Joey Bustamente, and Maria.

Q9. Does Sister Act 2 Take Place In The Same Convent As The First Film?

No, Sister Act 2 takes place in a different convent and It centers on a different group of nuns and students.

Q10. Is Sister Act 2 As Popular As The First Film?

Actually, Sister Act 2 received positive reviews, it did not get the same level of commercial success as the original Sister Act.

Q11. Are There Any Notable Musical Performances In Sister Act 2?

Yes, the film portrays unforgettable musical performances by the crew members, including a show-stopping finale that showcases the talents of the students and nuns.

Q12. Did Sister Act 2 Receive Any Awards Or Nominations?

Sister Act 2 received nominations for various awards, including the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture.

Q13. Is Sister Act 2 Available For Streaming?

Yes, Sister Act 2 is available for streaming on different platforms, including Netflix and Disney+.

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