10 Good Action Movies on Netflix This Week

Do you want to see good action movies on Netflix? Netflix has everything you need. There will be no shortage of exciting new experiences and timeless hits to make you feel powerful.

Not all action movies feature burly guys from the 1980s wearing tank tops. Enjoy the scathing satire of Starship Troopers or be twisted by Looper’s time-traveling shootouts. 

Don’t worry bone-shattering action still occurs in these films even though they make you think.

Good Action Movies on Netflix to Watch

Read on to see our variety of good action movies available on Netflix for you to enjoy;

1. The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen is a great way to get things going. To be completely honest, gangsters, Colin Farrell, and a tiny bit of humor are the three things we love most about action movies.

In this film, directed by Guy Ritchie, Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey, an American drug dealer who gained notoriety for his pot sales in London. Mickey is cool, collected, and unflappable.

It’s funny, fast-paced, graphic, and has one scene involving a pig. When you watch it, you’ll understand what we mean.

2. Executive Decision

Alternatively referred to as “The One Where Steven Seagal Is Billed Above The Line But Appearances For Only Five Minutes” One of the best dumb action flicks from the nineties that seems like it belongs on a scratchy VHS.

Is the film up to par? Not at all; it’s Kurt Russell taking on an excessively intricate geopolitical storyline while destroying people on an aerial 747.

Does that, however, make it among the top action films available on Netflix? Indeed.

3. The Grey Man

Before bringing the Ken-ergy to Barbie, Ryan Gosling portrayed “Six,” a lethal and extremely skilled CIA operative.

Following Six’s accidental revelation of some dark agency secrets, an old rogue colleague decides to place a bounty on his head and pursue him throughout the globe in an attempt to kill him.

You know, laid-back and enjoyable stuff. The best part, though, is that The Grey Man also stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, so if you’re merely scrolling through this article to satisfy your partner who loves action movies, you’ll find some visual stimulation here as well.

4. Extraction

This action-packed film stars Chris Hemsworth, a local action hero. He portrays Tyler Rake, a former member of the Australian Army’s Special Air Service who is now a black-market mercenary.

He is employed to go and save the abducted son of an international crime lord who is being held captive.

Hemsworth delivers some strong material, but overall, it’s an action-packed movie. Hemmy also speaks with a genuine Australian accent, which is kind of nice.

5. The Mother

Now, we think the action film The Mother makes perfect sense. Jennifer Lopez plays “The Mother,” an assassin who is only known by her assassination—what can’t she bloody do?

She has spent the past few years running from numerous hostile groups and dangerous attackers who want to kill her. But she comes out of hiding and works with an FBI agent to rescue her when she learns that her teenage daughter from years ago has been abducted by criminals.

We get the feeling that mothers will go to great lengths for their children, so this seems reasonable.

6. John Wick

After Russian gangsters murder his cute little dog, Keanu Reeves gets murderously angry. Without a doubt, one of the best action films in the genre’s history is what comes next. It’s fast-paced, crazy, violent, and shot like a beautiful piece of art.

Is Keanu the greatest actor currently working in action films? He is, we promise your sweet ass.

To be sure, there are a ton of other movies on this list of the top action films available on Netflix. But let’s begin here. Never even considered it. Let’s begin with this one. It is that excellent.

7. Jurassic Park

The legendary 1993 documentary follows the disastrous demise of InGen’s doomed North Pacific amusement park, Jurassic Park Island.

An honest and fair account of how corporate cost-cutting and internal corruption resulted in serious weaknesses in the park’s security protocol, which in turn caused an asset breach that killed multiple people.

The InGen Jurassic program was eventually shut down, but in the years that followed, multiple attempts to bring it back to life led to more fatalities and a broad government crackdown.

8. Interceptor

Chris Hemsworth has had plenty of exposure for his action movie roles. It’s time we discussed Elsa Pataky, his talented wife.

Elsa plays Captain JJ Collins in the film Interceptor, a tough military leader who, after losing her ideal job at the Pentagon, ends up commanding a nuclear missile interceptor base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

However, she is compelled to use her years of extensive military training to stop Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey), a former military operative, and his team from finishing their risky mission when the base comes under attack.

9. The Harder They Fall

Yeehaw, cowboy! If you’re feeling like watching a gun-slingin’ Western, I’ve got just the film for you. The Harder They Fall is a typical Western with a twist.

Instead of the crusty old white guys you’d expect in a Western, we’ve got a stellar cast of incredible Black talent.

The plot follows a cowboy named Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) as he tries to get revenge against Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) for killing his parents.

10. Zombieland

It’s time to mix things up with something enjoyable, and who doesn’t enjoy Zombieland? For good reason, Zombieland was a huge hit when it was released.

It featured hilarious dialogue, gory scenes, and flawless casting, including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin.

Even though zombie-related content seems to be everywhere these days, in 2009, pop culture was witnessing a resurgence of sorts for the common zombie.

Are you a lover of action? Exploring the above list of movies on Netflix will help you fill your week with apex fun and excitement.

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