Top 7 Horror Movies on Netflix This Week

Let’s say you’ve tuned into Netflix in search of adrenaline to fix that rush of terror and anxiety that comes from watching good horror movies on Netflix. 

You have your popcorn and seltzer, but you’re not sure what you want to watch yet. It is not the appropriate move to aimlessly scroll through the horror tab for 45 minutes.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 horror movies that Netflix has to offer right now. Enjoy yourself while screaming and streaming.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix for the Week

We encourage you to refer to this list for guidance. The “fun-bad” films are the ones with the lowest ratings; they are flawed but quite entertaining for various reasons. The films with the highest ranking are essential.

1. Malignant (2021)

In 2021, giallo films experienced a brief surge in popularity, as evidenced by Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in SoHo” and James Wan’s “Malignant,” which both blatantly referenced “Deep Red” and other genre classics.

While “Last Night in SoHo” received a lot of attention, it turned out to be a shaky misfire when it was released; in contrast, “Malignant” was the year’s biggest horror surprise—a wacky, stylish thrill ride that took giallo conventions and applied them to a ridiculous supernatural story. 

Madison, played by Annabelle Wallis, starts having strange visions of a killer pursuing those around her, which then starts to happen in real life. 

2. His House (2020)

The young couple at the center of this ghost story are refugees from South Sudan who have come to the United Kingdom. 

The various acts of racism, classism, and xenophobia they encounter in their new home are as horrifying as their placement in a government-sponsored rental property in a state of disrepair. 

The horrors they experienced traveling from Sudan, especially the death of their daughter, haunt them both, and their house starts to haunt them soon after they move in. 

3. It Follows (2014)

The clichéd horror refrain “It’s right behind you!” gained a whole new meaning thanks to David Robert Mitchell’s poetic portrayal of a coming-of-age. 

The only way to escape the deadly creature that only the afflicted can see is to have sex with someone who can help spread the word about it. The creature appears as their worst fears and moves slowly but relentlessly toward its victims. 

However, the monster moves back down the line if just one person perishes. With the help of this clever trick, “It Follows” can put together a group of anxious teenagers who are trying desperately to solve their problems. 

4. Malevolent (2018)

Technically, because of a startling change in tone midway through the film, this is not among the best horror films available on Netflix. 

One of the best horror performances on the stream is this one, starring Florence Pugh before Midsommar, who gives her all as Angela. 

Reluctant con artist tampering with the paranormal in ways she really shouldn’t. Just to watch her kill is worth the watch.

5. Silent Hill (2006)

The first “Silent Hill” video games are arguably the creepiest and most terrifying horror games ever made. They’re nightmares in which naïve heroes are thrown into a foggy town full of terrifying monsters that are reflections of their darkest secrets. 

The horror franchise’s Christophe Gans adaptation mostly sticks to the original movie’s plot, though there are some significant changes, such as changing the protagonist’s gender. 

Rose, portrayed by Radha Mitchell, brings her adopted daughter to Silent Hill, where she gets separated from her following an automobile accident.

After that, Rose begins a desperate search for her throughout the town and starts seeing terrifying visions from nightmares. 

6. Things Heard & Seen (2021)

Excellent casting rounds out the cast: James Norton and Amanda Seyfried play Catherine and George Claire, a couple who move from 1980s Manhattan to a small upstate New York town when George gets a teaching position at a liberal arts college. 

I’m not sure why he couldn’t just go to work, but whatever. Nevertheless, it’s clear that they move into a spooky farmhouse; the locals treat them strangely; and strange paranormal activities are common. 

The film’s portrayal of a marriage breaking down, which is ultimately connected to the spirits that are being heard and seen, is actually what makes it more fascinating.

7. Annabelle (2014)

Although Don Mancini’s murderous doll, Chucky, is one of the most beloved slasher villains ever, he hasn’t been particularly frightening since his “Child’s Play” premiere. 

The first spinoff in Atomic Monster’s successful “Conjuring” franchise, “Annabelle,” plays somewhat like a gender-flipped Chucky but masterfully outsmarts its clear model. 

The prequel centers on Mia (Annabelle Wallis, fittingly named), a pregnant wife whose husband presents with a stunning porcelain doll. 

Even though many really scary films don’t center on teenagers, there’s always something extra weird and entertaining about a combination of monsters and teenage nostalgia. 

We’ve compiled the top teen slashers, psychological thrillers, and supernatural horror films available for streaming if you’re in the mood for a good scare. 

However, the above list of movies is for those who can withstand the thrilling feeling that accompanies them. If you are not afraid, you can go for it.

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