10 Top Horror Movies on Netflix This Week

If you’re a horror enthusiast seeking a good scare, then look no further. Netflix has conjured up a wicked lineup of terrifying tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat all week long.

From bone-chilling ghost stories to blood-curdling thrillers, this week’s selection of the “10 top horror movies on Netflix” will send shivers down your spine and leave you sleeping with the lights on.

So, dim the lights, silence your phone, and prepare yourself for a hair-raising experience as we delve into the eerie world of horror that awaits you on Netflix. 

1. Title: Run Rabbit Run 

Release Year: 2023
Director: Daina Reid
Runtime: 1h 40m

In Daina Reid’s “Run Rabbit Run,” viewers are immersed in an enthralling and suspenseful tale that captivates from start to finish. The film centers on a woman striving to break free from her troubled past, only to find herself ensnared in a dangerous and deceitful web. Reid’s masterful direction skillfully weaves tension, unveiling unexpected twists that keep the audience at the edge of their seats throughout. The stellar performances from the cast breathe life into nuanced and compelling characters. With atmospheric cinematography and a gripping narrative, “Run Rabbit Run” is a must-watch for psychological thriller enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impact long after the credits roll, creating an unforgettable cinematic experience.

2. Title: Things Heard & Seen

Release Year: 2021
Directors: Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini
Runtime: 2h 1m

“Things Heard and Seen” delivers a chilling adaptation of Elizabeth Brundage’s novel, “All Things Cease to Appear,” brought to life by Amanda Seyfried’s captivating performance as Catherine. Unraveling disturbing secrets in her new home, town, and marriage, Seyfried’s portrayal adds depth and intrigue to the film. James Norton’s role as her suspicious husband, George, brings an unsettling presence. Co-directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, the movie masterfully fuses classic psycho-sexual thrillers with modern horror techniques, creating an unforgettable and truly terrifying experience. “Things Heard and Seen” is a haunting masterpiece, skillfully blending suspense, mystery, and psychological horror, captivating audiences from start to finish.

3. Title: Eli

Release Year: 2019
Director: Ciaran Foy
Runtime: 1h 38m

Ciarán Foy’s “Eli” delivers a mesmerizing horror experience, showcasing the talent of young actor Charlie Shotwell as the afflicted boy with a rare autoimmune disease. Lili Taylor’s enigmatic portrayal of the doctor claiming to have the cure creates a chilling contrast against the eerie visuals that will thrill horror enthusiasts. With standout performances from Max Martini, Kelly Reilly, and Sadie Sink, “Eli” weaves a suspenseful and mysterious tale, hinting at supernatural forces and steadily escalating the suspense. The film takes audiences on a spine-chilling journey into the realm of the paranormal, leaving them captivated and spellbound until the haunting conclusion.

4. Title: It Chapter Two 

Release Year: 2019
Director: Andrés Muschietti
Runtime:2h 49m

Step into the world of Stephen King’s 2017 adaptation and bid farewell to circuses forever. This spine-tingling film will make you rethink red balloons and clowns. In late 1980s Derry, Maine, the town’s children vanish mysteriously, prompting a group of brave teenagers to confront the horrifying Pennywise the clown. United in their quest, they face a shape-shifting monster terrorizing their community. Brace yourself for a chilling and gripping tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Witness the relentless battle of this close-knit group as they strive to vanquish the sinister entity preying upon their small town.

5. Title: Tin & Tina

Release Year: 2023
Director: Rubin Stein
Runtime: 2h

In the gripping Spanish psychological thriller “Tin & Tina,” we embark on a haunting journey with Adolfo (Jaime Lorente) and Lola (Milena Smit), a newly married couple shattered by the loss of their child to a miscarriage. Seeking solace, they adopt a peculiar pair of twins, Tin and Tina, from a convent full of orphans. The film expertly blends horror elements with religious symbolism, skillfully unraveling Lola’s crisis of faith. As she copes with her grief and grapples with the children’s unsettling behavior, she begins to question their sinister origins. “Tin & Tina” immerses viewers in a realm where darkness and faith collide, offering a thrilling exploration of the depths of the human psyche.

6. Title:  Little Evil

Release Year: 2019
Director: Eli Craig
Runtime: 1h 34m

Directed by Eli Craig (known for “Zombieland”), “Little Evil” is a side-splitting horror comedy that stars Adam Scott (“Severance”) as a man living his dream life with Evangeline Lilly (“Ant-Man and the Wasp”), only to suspect her son, played by Owen Atlas, might be the antichrist. The film boasts a clever and playful script, backed by a talented ensemble cast, including comedy heavyweights. “Little Evil” humorously embraces and satirizes horror movie clichés, leaning more towards comedy than horror. This delightful film is perfect for a lighthearted and enjoyable spooky season with friends, offering laughter and chills in equal measure.

7. Title: Viking Wolf

Release Year: 2023
Director: Stig Svendsen
Runtime: 1h 38m

“Viking Wolf,” a gripping Norwegian horror film helmed by Stig Svendsen and co-written by Espen Aukan, reinvigorates the werewolf genre with a fresh and captivating approach. The story follows Thale (Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne), a teenage outsider who moves to a small town when her mother joins the local police force. Weaving an eerie and enigmatic atmosphere, the movie delivers an exhilarating twist on traditional werewolf themes. Impressive CGI, intense violence, and skillful use of shadows immerse audiences in a chilling and suspenseful experience, keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the enthralling journey of “Viking Wolf.”

8. Title: The Silence

Release Year: 2019
Director: John R. Leonetti
Runtime: 1h 30m

John R. Leonetti’s “The Silence” delivers a gripping adaptation of Tim Lebbon’s novel, drawing comparisons to “A Quiet Place.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world, sound-hunting creatures terrorize humanity. The story follows a Deaf teenager, Kiernan Shipka’s brilliant portrayal, and her family’s harrowing journey for survival. Along the way, they encounter a cult, adding unexpected twists to the narrative. Despite facing backlash for casting a hearing actress in a Deaf role and Shipka’s non-native American Sign Language skills, the film offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure. The stellar cast, including Stanley Tucci, John Corbett, and Miranda Otto, reunites Shipka from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” delivering a captivating performance.

9. Title: Fear Street Trilogy

Release Year: 2021
Director: Leigh Janiak
Runtime: 1h 47m

Calling all slasher movie enthusiasts! The Fear Street trilogy is a Friday night indulgence you can’t miss. Spanning three distinct time periods (1994, 1978, and 1666), this series pays homage to horror classics like Scream, Friday the 13th, and The Witch. Prepare for unforgettable kills, with one particularly memorable on-screen moment. Best of all, all three parts are available for streaming, so no need to wait years for sequels. Horror fans will appreciate the inspiration drawn from R.L. Stine’s acclaimed Fear Street novels, courtesy of the brilliant mind behind Goosebumps. Get ready for a thrilling and nostalgic journey through the chilling world of Fear Street.

10. Title: Day Shift

Release Year: 2022
Director: J. J. Perry
Runtime: 1h 54m

Directed by J. J. Perry, “Day Shift” is an electrifying thrill ride that packs relentless action and supernatural intrigue. This vampire heist film artfully blends crime, horror, and fantasy, creating an exciting and enthralling cinematic experience. Jamie Foxx delivers a standout performance as a devoted father who moonlights as a vampire hunter, infusing the character with depth and charisma. Perry’s expertise in stunt coordination shines through heart-pounding action sequences. With clever plot twists and witty humor, “Day Shift” keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. A genre-defying masterpiece, this movie is a must-watch for those seeking innovative and gripping storytelling.

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