10 Sad Movies on Netflix to Watch This Week

You came here looking for sad movies on Netflix, but everyone has different tastes in films. Are you the kind of person who cries over a romantic teen tale?

Maybe you’re more receptive to a violent drama that will punch you in the stomach or an inspirational historical drama. 

Some people need a lot of humor to break up depressing stories. Whatever makes you cry, there’s something on Netflix that will make your eyes puffy and make you feel all kinds of emotions.

The Best Sad Movies on Netflix Right Now

These are the best sad movies on Netflix right now so go through them and pick the one that catches your interest.

1. Passing (2021)

This tale is directed by Rebecca Hall and is based on a 1929 novel by Nella Larsen. It centers on two childhood friends, Irene (Tessa Thompson) and Clare (Ruth Negga), who reunite as adults. 

The only difference is that Clare is married to a man who despises African Americans, and she has been “passing” for whites. 

Living two lives—one with Clare and the other with her spouse—never comes without a price.

2. The Midnight Sky (2020)

There’s a lot of end-of-the-world sadness from the very beginning of this movie, which takes place as humans are fleeing Earth because of a global catastrophe. 

As one of the few scientists who stays behind, George Clooney plays a scientist who develops a close emotional bond with the spaceship’s crew while trying to warn them not to return to Earth.

3. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

Although the film is supposedly about a breakup, it’s anything since it was directed by Charlie Kaufman, who also wrote the scripts for Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

It’s simultaneously depressing, perplexing, cerebral, unsettling, and bizarre.

4. The Last Letter from Your Lover (2021)

Stories of lost love set people’s waterworks on fire. In this film, a romance that is developing in the 1960s is told from the perspective of a reporter working in the present who finds their correspondence and investigates the fates of all those involved.

5. All the Bright Places (2020)

All the Bright Places, which is based on Jennifer Niven’s best-selling novel, initially appears to be a teen romance. 

However, as Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, the two central characters, grow closer to one another, they divulge realities about dealing with mental illness.

6. Marriage Story (2019)

The film, which is nominated for Best Picture and stars Noah Baumbach, examines a divorcing family in intimate, uncompromising detail. 

The film elicits strong emotions from the audience for all characters, from tender moments to violent altercations.

7. Worth (2020)

Since the events of 9/11 were so horrifying, all 9/11 movies are terrifying. Value aims to provide an impractical answer to the following: What is the value of a life, and who is entitled to compensation in the event of its loss? 

Kenneth Feinberg, played by Michael Keaton in the movie, is the person responsible for solving the puzzle for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

8. All Together Now (2020)

Although Amber appears to be a regular adolescent, she is homeless and lives on her mother’s bus. 

Despite all that hardship, will she be able to maintain her positive outlook? Amber is portrayed by Moana’s voice actor, Auliʻi Cravalho.

9. Tell Me Who I Am (2019)

Real life can sometimes be sadder than we could have imagined. Alex and Marcus Lewis, twins, are the subject of this documentary. 

Marcus assists Alex in regaining his childhood memories after he loses them in a motorcycle accident, but he doesn’t mention other traumas they have experienced.

10. First Match (2018)

There’s a toughness to First Match’s sadness: Mo returns home to the wrestling ring after spending years in foster care. 

Mo recounts an emotionally charged and physically intense altercation with her biological father, whom she is trying to get back in touch with.

If you are hitting your device’s buttons, to explore Netflix, and search for sad movies, then you have gotten a list of them.

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