5 Best Scary Movies on Netflix to Watch This Week

Are you trying to find scary movies on Netflix? A horror movie is best watched at any time of day. 

The traditional approach to getting your tricks and treats, such as renting from Blockbuster or not using Treatster to figure out which houses give out the best candy, is to wait until October to indulge in scary movies. 

No, thanks to Netflix’s amazing streaming content, you can enjoy your scares in the comfort of your own home in the modern world. 

Famous Scary Movies on Netflix to Watch

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top horror films available on Netflix right now. This list constantly changes and will give you access to contemporary and classic horror films to satisfy your scream needs.

1. Tin & Tina

Spanish psychological thriller Tin & Tina tells the story of Adolfo and Lola, a newlywed couple who lose a child because of a miscarriage.

A convent with many orphans to care for is where they go because they are determined to raise their children together. They return home with two peculiar twins, Tin and Tina. 

The movie features a lot of scary elements mixed in with religious imagery, which effectively captures Lola’s spiritual crisis as she tries to console herself by being unduly understanding to these kids who might have been sent straight from hell.

2. Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil follows Ralph Sarchie, a New York police officer, as he teams up with Mendoza, a local priest, to combat the weird demonic possessions that appear to be engulfing their city. 

Exorcism is the norm, and the movie is compared to classics like The Rite and The Conjuring. Scott Derrickson’s outstanding direction immerses the viewer in a whole new level of unsettling terror. 

Deliver Us from Evil, which is purportedly based on a true story, offers more than just a spine-tingling scare. It does so intelligently, and the movie itself gains from having far more to say than its otherworldly, demonic narrative might imply.

3. Run Rabbit Run

Daina Reid is the director of the terrifying psychological thriller, Run Rabbit Run. 

Sarah Snook gives an unquestionably amazing performance as a successful fertility doctor whose daughter appears to be possessed by the spirit of her deceased sister Alice in the film Run Rabbit Run, which is set against the breathtakingly gorgeous backdrop of Australia. 

Not only does Run Rabbit Run revolve around a menacing mystery, but it also features a breakthrough performance by young LaTorre, who captivates the audience with her fearless on-screen antics against Snook.

4. Things Heard & Seen

Things Heard and Seen is a terrifying tale about a young couple who move into a rural house with a troubling past. It is based on Elizabeth Brundage’s book All Things Cease to Appear.

As she investigates the darkness in her new home, town, and marriage, Amanda Seyfried takes the audience along on her journey. 

James Norton’s menacing portrayal of Seyfried’s suspicious husband George stands in stark contrast to the naïve but restless Catherine. 

Things Seen and Heard, which was co-directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, is a terrifying modern classic that combines modern horror technology with classic psycho-sexual thriller elements.

5. Bird Box Barcelona

The thrilling post-apocalyptic horror film Bird Box Barcelona, a spin-off sequel to the 2018 movie based on the Josh Malerman novel, explores the monstrous aspects of man in a way that goes beyond creature features. 

To avoid being tracked down by a dangerous cult that forces people to look upon the creatures, which drives them to commit suicide, Sebastián and his daughter join forces with other survivors of the entities that must not be perceived in this story, which is set in a devastated Barcelona. 

This addition to the Birdbox lore offers an intriguing look at how people cope with significant loss and how religion can turn destructive.

Finally, you can always refer to the above list of movies if you are a fan of horror movies. But, if you can not bear the feeling that accompanies these movies, it is best that you avoid them.

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