5 Best Funny Movies on Netflix This Week

Are you on the couch and looking for a good laugh? We have everything covered for the funny movies on Netflix. We could all use a good laugh now and then. 

Thankfully, Netflix offers a vast collection of entertaining comedic films from around the globe in its virtual library.

We recommend sharing a good laugh with one of the seemingly endless number of characters in their repertoire the next time you’re organizing a movie night.

The greatest comedic films available on Netflix have been handpicked by us to assist you in choosing what to stream next.

Best Funny Movies on Netflix to Watch

These are the funniest comedic films available on Netflix at the moment. 

1. We Have a Ghost

Turn on this family-friendly horror-comedy if you’re in the mood for a spooky good time. In the movie We Have a Ghost, teenage Kevin finds a ghost residing in the attic of the dilapidated home his parents appeared to have gotten a strangely good deal on. 

Kevin offers to help his paranormal friend settle some unresolved business after befriending the specter and naming him Ernest.

However, things take a turn when Kevin’s dad learns about Ernest and, trying to take advantage of the situation, posts a video of him online that goes viral. 

Jennifer Coolidge plays a psychic on cable TV in the movie, and when she goes to the house to talk to Ernest, she ends up getting a little more than she bargained for.

2. You People

It’s unsettling enough to meet the parents of your significant other, but what if Eddie Murphy happens to be your future father-in-law?

In Kenya Barris’s feature directorial debut, You People, he tackles that situation with Jonah Hill, based on a screenplay he co-wrote with the actor. 

Following a disastrous first date, Ezra Cohen (Hill) and Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) fall madly in love and try to reconcile their radically different families as they commit to a life together. 

3. Murder Mystery

How Adam Sandler ended up on this list is obvious. With Murder Mystery, the star of numerous Netflix comedies, reunited with Jennifer Aniston, his co-star from Just Go with It, scored another hit.

The Agatha Christie-inspired mystery stars Sandler and Aniston as married NYPD officers Nick and Audrey, who are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary by traveling to Europe.

However, a surprise invitation to a gorgeous billionaire’s yacht results in murder, and Nick and Audrey are the main suspects.

As they race to establish their innocence and identify the true offenders, mayhem ensues, and they repeat the entire ordeal in the follow-up.

4. Wine Country

Legends of Saturday Night Live, gather around! Amy Poehler went back to her roots and assembled a cast of some of the funniest women to have ever graced the SNL stage for her feature directorial debut.

For a weekend getaway to celebrate a significant birthday, a group of longtime friends travels to Napa Valley, led by Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey, and Rachel Dratch. 

They let loose and made friends with people like Maya Erskine, Cherry Jones, Jason Schwartzman, and Tina Fey, Poehler’s regular comedy partner in crime, for a few inebriated days.

5. Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Zach Galifianakis started a web series called Between Two Ferns before becoming famous for The Hangover. In it, he would interview famous people and the interviews would always turn into tense, insulting exchanges. 

Galifianakis and writer-director Scott Aukerman took their show on the road after ten years of success that included two Emmy awards and hundreds of millions of views — at least they did in their film spin-off. 

The fictional version of Galifianakis attempts to fulfill his dream of hosting a real talk show by touring the nation and interviewing celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and David Letterman after going viral for almost accidentally killing Matthew McConaughey. 

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