The 10 Best Family Movies on Netflix This Week

Are you hoping to have fun family movies on Netflix at home? The good news is this: A virtual library of both classic and contemporary family-friendly films is currently available on Netflix.

The top family movies have been compiled by us to assist you in choosing what to stream next.

These are the top family films that Netflix has streaming right now. Even some honorable mentions are included.

Top Family Movies on Netflix for You

Check out our updated list of parent-recommended Netflix movies for kids instead of wasting time scrolling through the endless selection to see what other families are enjoying.

1. The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds plays the title character in this science fiction tale, Adam, who travels through time to meet his younger self. 

It’s a lot of fun to watch the interactions between 12-year-old Adam, played by the endearing and witty Walker Scobell, and adult Adam.

It was obvious that the three of them were thinking deeply about what they might look like in twenty years.

2. Yes Day

This film’s concept is so straightforward, but it has such a compelling storyline: a family chooses to give their kids their whole day. 

My family would smile and agree to watch it if I even mentioned the plot. These smiles persisted as we saw the wonder — and the proverbial “double-edged sword” — of caving in to every request from a child. You will adore this movie if you watch it through to the end. 

3. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood

The way this film blurs the lines between reality and fiction is what makes it so entertaining. It depicts the events of the Apollo moon landing through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy as he navigates life in 1969.

It is imaginative, yes, but it is also grounded in a place and time. Richard Linklater wrote and directed it, and Jack Black and Glen Powell are among the voices in it.

The animation has a timeless appearance combined with a contemporary polish that makes it seem both fresh and nostalgic.

4. Rescued by Ruby

Do your kids a favor and play Rescued by Ruby if, like mine, they are smitten with the family dog. 

It is based on the actual account of a mischievous border collie mix who has repeatedly been adopted and returned to the shelter. 

All of that alters when Dan, a state trooper with aspirations of joining the K-9 unit, picks her up. Dan and Ruby collaborate to make each other better. 

5. Inside the Mind of a Cat

If there are any cat lovers in your home, you should watch this documentary. Yes, it has several cute cats in it that will make everyone say “awww,” including those who aren’t very fond of cats. 

Indeed, it is fascinating and educational, as several professionals offer their perspectives on the peculiar behaviors exhibited by cats. 

By the end, my cousin—apparently a real profession—started talking about becoming a cat psychologist. 

6. Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness

We watched this movie when it was dominating the Netflix Top 10, and my family couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Since then, it has been a regular fixture in our home. 

The animated movie centers on Chicken hare, a mixed-race man who feels out of place in both the chicken and hare worlds and is adopted by a proud king and treasure hunter. 

The story of “not sure where you fit in, but it’s important to be yourself” struck a deep chord with me.

7. The Sea Beast

Do you want to have a fantastic family night where everyone is engrossed in a grand tale of sea captains battling marine life? 

Then watch The Sea Beast, which is currently one of the greatest action-adventure animated movies available for streaming. 

The story of Holland’s personal development is what truly made the film stand out, even though the action, monsters, and ships all held my familys’ attention.

8. Enola Holmes

Nobody who hasn’t heard of Sherlock Holmes, adult or child, would be difficult to find. It is even harder to find a way to inject new life into that widely accepted story, which is in part why Enola Holmes became so popular. 

Henry Cavill plays the renowned pipe-smoking detective, and Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things plays Enola, the smart little sister of Sherlock. 

The movie tracks Enola as she fights off several crafty Victorian-era villains, stays one step ahead of her well-known brother, and looks for her missing mother. 

9. Murder Mystery

We all really loved this crazy Adam Sandler movie together. With the addition of a murder mystery, it has all the charm and humor of a Sandler film. 

It’s a fresh take on the beloved Agatha Christie book Murder on the Orient Express, which my family recently finished reading for his English class in junior high school. 

We all laughed when he talked about the book’s connections, which was entertaining to hear, since it’s hard not to when Sandler is on screen. 

10. Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

If you grew up loving every second of seeing the incredibly wacky Paul Reubens hooting and laughing while wearing a suit that was a few sizes too small, then you owe it to your kids to watch Pee-wee’sBigHoliday.

It was thrilling to watch my family burst into giggles the same way we did in the 1980s as Pee-wee clumsily navigates one unfortunate and hilarious incident after another while frantically attempting to return to his peaceful little town of Fairville.  

Watching this Big Holiday adventure and realizing that Pee-wee is still as much of a good time as he always was was also enjoyable.

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